The life of the late Kim Mi-soo, a talented actress who was highly praised by a great senior actor

A talented actress who drew compliments from a great senior has become a star in the sky at the most blooming age of her life. 

The news of another promising star has left our side is making netizens recall the past stories in remembrance of the actress.

iMBC Entertainment News
iMBC Entertainment News

The news of Kim Mi-soo’s death was reported on January 5th. Her agency, Landscape Entertainment, said, “We have a very sad and heartbreaking news to deliver to you. Actress Kim Mi-soo suddenly left our side on January 5th.”

On behalf of the bereaved family members who are in sadness, the agency said, “We sincerely ask you to refrain from spreading rumors and speculations so that the bereaved family members who are in shock and sadness can reverently commemorate the deceased”, adding, “May the deceased rest in peace, and once again, we want to send our deepest condolences on the deceased’s last journey.”

Kim Mi-soo was born in 1992 and majored in Acting at the Korea National University of Arts. She steadily built up her career and skills by appearing in several works, such as movies “Lipstick Revolution”, “Memories” and “Kyungmi’s World” alongside dramas “Human Luwak”, “Hi Bye, Mama!”, etc.

iMBC Entertainment News
iMBC Entertainment News

The actress’s last work was JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop.” In the drama, the deceased played Yeo Jung-min, a senior in the history department of Hosoo Women’s University, and played an activist student reading the “forbidden book” for Undercircle seminars. As the best friend of Eun Young-ro (Jisoo), the female protagonist, at the dormitory, Kim Mi-zoo’s character is expected to be remembered forever in the minds of fans of the work.

Earlier, the actress delivered the news of her casted into this production and said, “I was truly happy. When I think about that time, I still feel overwhelmed and excited.” She also expressed her overwhelming feelings, saying, “I am grateful to be working with nice people and I hope that everyone’s sincerity will be delivered to viewers as much as how hard we worked.”

Kim Mi-soo‘s passion for acting was steady. At the press conference of JTBC’s drama “Luwak Human,” the senior actor Ahn In-sang said, “I acted with an actress named Kim Mi-soo for the first time this time. I witnessed her come and act for the first time, but she was so good at acting. I came to think, “Such an actress has appeared.” Kim Mi-soo was a cry baby offscreen. But she does everything well when going into filming. Sooner or later, an actress named Kim Mi-soo will proudly present her business card to Korea,” he praised.

iMBC’s Entertainment News Photo.
iMBC’s Entertainment News Photo.

The news of the death of an actress who had both skills and passion is causing a wave of memorial activities. Fans are posting comments praying for the actress in the cut videos of the productions with her appearance. Since she does not have SNS, fans around the world mourn her death in various languages in the last post of her agency’s official Instagram.

Meanwhile, the funeral of the deceased is quietly held behind closed doors according to the will of her families.

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