The truth behind idol-gifting culture in K-pop: Re-gifting as a common practice, hand letters are the most preferred form of gift 

Regardless of the gifts’ prices, it is the love from fans that is the most precious. 

Fans send gifts to show their love and support for idols. (Image: Pinterest) 

In response to the viewers’ growing curiosity, Tina (former Blady’s member) revealed that fans’ gifts were used in many different ways. Idols always keep fan notes, pictures or small, handwritten letters. 

exo baekhyun lay
Hand-written letters are always kept by idols. (Image: Pinterest) 
Writing letters is also a prevalent practice in K-pop. (Image: Pinterest) 

Tina also said that the gifts were given away to family and friends when they could not keep the gifts. In this way, the gifts are not wasted, especially when some items have similar use. 

winner song mino
Some idols choose to re-gift unused presents. (Image: Pinterest) 
red velvet wendy
This choice does not reflect that idols are unappreciative of the love from their fans. (Image: Pinterest) 
blackpink jisoo
Similar gifts if not being re-gifted will frequently and unfortunately be wasted. (Image: Pinterest) 

In reality, fans are not hesitant to spend a huge amount of money to buy expensive gifts for their idols. BTS Jungkook once received a 50-gram gold bar that was approximately 2.8 thousand USD. He was also gifted a Rolex watch worth 23 thousand USD. In general, idol’s birthdays or anniversaries are occasions when gifts pile up. 

bts jungkook thumbnail
Jungkook has received many expensive gifts from fans. (Image: BIGHIT MUSIC)
celebrity gifts
Kang Daniel  has tons of fan gifts. (Image: Pinterest) 
celebrity gifts
Kai also has a lot of gifts from his fans. (Image: Pinterest) 
celebrity gifts
Idol-gifting culture in Kpop. (Image: Pinterest) 

To prevent idols from receiving too many gifts from fans, some companies have taken action and issue a ban. YG Entertainment announced they would not receive gifts except for hand-written letters to idols of their company, including BLACKPINK, TREASURE, BIGBANG. Similar groups such as BTS and JYP idols are acting in the same manner. 

BLACKPINK will not receive gifts after YG Entertainment issues their ban. (Image: Pinterest) 
blackpink jennie
The gifts the members received before are kept with care. (Image: Pinterest) 
TREASURE only receives written letters from fans. (Image: YG Entertainment) 
bts thumbnail
BTS is no longer receiving gifts from their fandom. (Image: Facebook BTS)
TWICE thumbnail
Hand-written letters are the most cherished gifts by idols. (Image: Pinterest) 

Source: Yan News

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