The top actress who said the character was so much like her that she didn’t have to act

Han Hyo-joo has a special connection with the character she played in “Happiness.”

tvN’s “Happiness” is Han Hyo-joo’s comeback drama after 5 years. Even though the drama tackled a heavy topic, it was well-received for its realistic directing and enthusiastic acting of the cast.

han hyo joo

Han Hyo-joo, who is still handling the aftereffects of the drama, said she is still missing everything related to Yoon Sae-bom and trying to erase everything about this character, to the point she doubts herself.

Happiness” received positive reviews for its cast. The character Yoon Sae-bom resembles Han Hyo-joo so much that even her friends said, “When did you act in that drama? Isn’t that you?” (jokingly).

han hyo joo

“Didn’t you get the money? Shouldn’t you act as it’s been transferred?”

Yoon Sae-bom is so much like Han Hyo-joo that the actress herself said this character was like a gift to her, to the point that she read the script up to the fourth episode without a break in the first time she received it.

Han Hyo-joo played the role of Haerang, the owner of the pirate ship, in the upcoming movie “The Pirates: Goblin Flag,” showing another intense and charismatic performance different from the one in “Happiness.”

han hyo joo

She said she received months of training on swordsmanship, underwater action, and acrobatics for this work. She practiced hard so she would have no regrets when she performed high-level actions on the mountains and the sea, as well as between the underwater and the air.

Hopefully, her efforts will result in a hit. In addition to Han Hyo-joo, “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” boasts a spectacular cast of Kang Ha-neul, Kwon Sang-woo, Lee Kwang-soo, and Chae Soo-bin. The movie will be released at the theater on January 26.


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