The splendid cast of Song Hye-kyo’s upcoming drama “The Glory” is raising the viewers’ high expectations for a well-made work

Netizens are showing keen interest in Song Hye Kyo’s next drama

As Song Hye-kyo was revealed to have attended a wrap party on August 16th, netizens are showing keen interest in the drama she has just finished filming and the cast.

The photos showing Song Hye-kyo at the wrap party were revealed by actress Lim Ji-yeon. The two showed off their close friendship like close sisters by hugging each other in the lovely two-shot selfies.

Song Hye-kyo Kim Ji yeon

Revealing their appearance with no-makeup faces and in comfortable outfits, the two actresses became hot topics. Song Hye-kyo and Lim Ji-yeon recently finished filming Netflix’s original series “The Glory” together.

“The Glory” tells about the main character played by Song Hye-kyo, a former school bullying victim who dreamed of becoming an architect, becoming the homeroom teacher of the bully’s child to take revenge for her destroyed childhood.

song hye kyo

This work is written by Kim Eun-sook, who was behind the success of famous dramas “Goblin”, “Mr. Sunshine”, and “The King: Eternal Monarch”, and directed by PD Ahn Gil-ho of “Stranger” and “Record of Youth”.

Song Hye-kyo plays the main character Moon Dong-eun, who plans to take revenge, and Lim Ji-yeon, who starred in “Rose Mansion”, “Welcome 2 Life”, “Spiritwalker”, and “Tazza: One Eyed Jack”, took on the role of Park Yeon-jin, the leader of the school violence case.

Actress Yeom Hye-ran, who has shown her outstanding acting skills and presence through drams, such as “The Uncanny Counter”, “When the Camellia Blooms”, “Live”, “Special Delivery”, and “Black Light”, will appear as Kang Hyeon-nam, another victim of school bullying.

Yeom Hye-ran

It is said that Kang Hyeon-nam and Moon Dong-eun will join hands in the revenge plan, raising expectations for the performance that the two actresses will show.

Above all, actor Lee Do-hyun, who has continued to prove his solid acting skills by playing the main characters in Netflix’s series “Sweet Home”, dramas “Youth of May” and “Melancholia”, will be performing as Joo Yeo-jeong, a character with a secret story. 

Lee Do Hyun

In addition, trustworthy actors, such as Park Sung-hoon and Jung Sung-il, will also appear in “The Glory”, making drama fans look forward to the drama with perfect completeness. 

Meanwhile, “The Glory” will be released on Netflix but the release date is still undecided.

Source: Daum

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