The shocking twist of “the restaurant where Song Kang waited to eat”… “I’ve never been there”

It was clearly revealed through actor Song Kang that the sightings of stars are unbelievable.

In the past, posts such as “00 that Song Kang ate while waiting in line” spread on various online communities. In April last year, a netizen uploaded a picture Portal Site Restaurant Review along with a post saying, “It seems that the one who’s waiting with a mask on is Song Kang ㅜㅜ I can’t go talk to him.”

The photo released by this netizen showed the backs of countless people in line. It has not been confirmed who Song Kang is among them, but such sightings spread through SNS and online communities.

Song Kang

The spread of sightings has become a fact. Currently, if you search for the restaurant, there are many posts such as “Restaurant where Song Kang lined up” and “Restaurant where Song Kang waited to eat.”

However, recently, the truth was revealed from a fan of Song Kang. Song Kang’s fan posted a question through the official fan cafe, “You haven’t been able to go to the restaurant where you waited to eat, right? Thanks to you, it became very popular and the line got longer.”

Song Kang replied, “I’ve never been there before… I don’t know where it is. But if it’s delicious, I’ll go.” Song Kang‘s fans were surprised by the shocking answer, while Song Kang made everyone laugh by answering back with the question, “When did I go there?”

Song Kang

Netizens showed various reactions such as “It’s hard to believe a sighting without a proper proof shot”, “No wonder the back doesn’t look like Song Kang”, “Even if there’s a photo, the sighting might not be true”…

Song Kang

Meanwhile, actor Song Kang is 29 years old this year. In 2017, he made his debut with tvN’s drama “The Liar and His Lover”. Afterward, he appeared in Netflix’s “Love Alarm” seasons 1 and 2, “Sweet Home”, tvN’s “Navillera“, JTBC’s “Nevertheless” as well as “Forecasting Love and Weather”.


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