The secrets behind the dating of Kpop trainees and the agencies’ cruel treatment of gay trainees.

The revelation of this former trainee surprised many people.

LGBT is a sensitive topic in Kpop.  In fact, not many singers came out, and not many music videos mentioned this topic.  Recently, the sharing of Euodias – a former British-Korean trainee has made netizens stir up when revealing the mystery behind the stories of gay traniees. 

As an entertainment company trainee, you will have to follow a lot of rules, including the ban on dating.  During her two years as a trainee, Euodias has proven that many people have secretly dated.  However, for the homosexual trainees, they were treated very differently.

Specifically, if the trainees are gay, the company wants them to hide their sexual orientation. “Trainees were all supposed to act straight even if they weren’t.” – Euodias said. Unfortunately, that isn’t the worse part of the situation.

If gay trainees didn’t pretend to be straight, they were punished by their own company for being open about their sexuality. “Anybody who appeared to be openly gay was ostracised by the company.”

With such a series of strict rules, it is not difficult to understand that almost no idol dares to reveal their true sexual orientation.  Up to now, in Kpop, there are only a few singers who openly claiming to be gay.  That is Holland – a male singer born in 1996. “It’s still not common in Korean society to openly accept LGBTQ+ individuals or the community, so I hope there are more opportunities to talk openly about homosexuality in the future. I believe my music is playing a role in broadening this conversation.”

In addition, two female idols Som Hye In and Jiae (former Wassup member) openly affirmed that they are bisexual.  During a livestream, Seungho and B.Nish (former member of D.I.P) announced that they were dating gay.

Euodias emphasizes it’s all just her experiences in 2 years at 2 different companies.  She thinks there may still be companies that support the trainees’ true sexual orientation.  However, no one will know what it is really like when homosexuality is still an extremely sensitive topic in Kpop. Still,the majority of trainees and idols have yet to openly claim a gay identity.

Sources: koreaboo

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