The secret to Park Eun Bin’s genius acting skills is thanks to her mother

The secret to Park Eun Bin’s outstanding acting skills was thanks to her mother.

Park Eun Bin’s mother was an elite from Seoul Institute of the Arts who was interested in acting and literature. She is currently working as a writer.

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The play “Once Upon A Long Time Ago”, in which Park Eun Bin appeared when she was in her second year of high school, was produced by actor Park Sang Won, who appeared as Park Eun Bin’s father in her debut drama “White Nights 3.98” (SBS). Park Sang Won, an alumnus of Park Eun Bin’s mother at Seoul Institute of the Arts, has been working as a professor in the acting department at Seoul Institute of the Arts since 2012.

A senior official from a broadcasting company who remembers Park Eun Bin’s childhood days said on Dec 6th, “Eun Bin’s mother attended Seoul Institute of the Arts during Namsan Campus days in the early 1980s. I know that she gave up her dream of becoming an actress to raise her daughter as an actress. She had great beauty and talent.”

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According to this official, in order to develop confidence and leadership for her shy daughter, she let her daughter become a model for children’s clothing and a child actress. Park Eun Bin liked to stand in front of the camera, so she supported her in earnest. Regarding this, Park Eun Bin revealed her debut anecdote on tvN’s “You Quiz” last October, “When I was young, classes to improve presentation skills and storytelling were popular, but my mother took me to an acting academy in Yeouido.”

The place Park Eun Bin mentioned was MTM. In the early 2000s, MTM was the best gateway for anyone who want to become famous in Korea. Shim Eun Ha, Kim Nam Joo and Song Hye Kyo were also discovered there. In particular, many children from the three most powerful provinces held their mothers’ hands and came to Seoul because they had to go through MTM to be able to appear on TV broadcasts.

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An agency CEO who used to work at MTM said, “I still remember clearly the appearance of little Park Eun Bin when she was 7-8 years old. She was a very shy kid, and I’m glad to see her grow up well and become such a great actress. At that time, Eun Bin’s mother was an acting teacher.”

Revealing that some mothers of child actors had a bad habit of bribing producers, reporters, and MTM managers, the CEO said, “Park Eun Bin’s mother was not like that. She only said what was necessary and was very determined. I remember that her hometown is Honam, but she liked to be fair”.

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Appearing on “You Quiz on the Block”, Park Eun Bin also mentioned her mother, who sacrificed herself to become her daughter’s manager for 15 years. “Mom is my fatal weakness. Thanks to her, I became an actress and daughter like this. Mom is my best friend and my best life mentor”, the actress said and shed tears. On the broadcast, Park Eun Bin also revealed that her mother accompanied her on overseas fanmeeting schedules in Thailand, Japan, etc., and shared, “I have to be good to her”.

Source: Daum

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