“The Roundup” surpasses 2 million admissions in just 4 days… “It has a similar upward trend to that of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’”

Viewers’ reaction to the action movie “The Roundup” in which actor Ma Dong-seok gives the bad guy a lesson with his bare hands, is extraordinary.

According to the report on movie tickets by Korea Film Council on May 21st, “The Roundup” (also known as “The Outlaws 2”) surpassed 2 million admissions at 12:30 p.m on the same day, the 4th day of its release.

The box office upward trend of “The Roundup” is similar to that of Marvel’s film “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, which became the best movie during the pandemic period by attracting 7.5 million moviegoers.

“The Roundup” even reached this milestone faster than “Deliver Us from Evil”, the best-selling Korean film in the past three years. In particular,  “Deliver Us from Evil” hit 2 million admissions on the 5th day of its release.

The reason why “The Roundup” gained huge attention and received huge love so quickly is indeed the power of word-of-mouth. “The Roundup”, which has topped the box office chart since its release, there are lots of comic lines and powerful action scenes.


Audiences who watched “The Roundup” expressed satisfaction and poured out favorable reviews for the film, such as “It’s more interesting than Part 1”, “This is the first time I am not disappointed by the sequel of a successful Korean movie”, “Ma Dong-seok himself has become a genre”, “The ticket is quite expensive but it worths wasting money”, “I thought Yoon Kye-sang was the best villain, but Son Seok-gu is no joke”.

In fact, “The Roundup” recorded a CGV Golden Egg Index of 99% as well as 9.8% and 9.4% in audience grade at Lotte Cinema and Megabox, respectively.


Attention is focused on whether “The Roundup”, which is the 2022 movie with the best performance, will be able to surpass the popularity of its first part. 

Meanwhile, “The Roundup” depicts a pleasant crime eradication operation carried out by monster detective Ma Seok-do (Ma Dong-seok) and the Geumcheonseo Criminal team to catch Kang Hae-sang (Son Seok-gu), a vicious killer who has been committing crimes in Vietnam. “The Roundup” begins 4 years after the sweeping operation in Garibong-dong in the first movie and it is restricted to viewers aged 15 or older.


Director Lee Sang-yong took the megaphone of “The Roundup” and this movie lasts for 105 minutes. 

Source: insight

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