The reasons why year-end award shows turn into a playground for 4th generation idols

4th generation idols will take over 2021’s year-end award ceremonies due to the absence of top groups from the 3rd generation. 

As 2022 is approaching, year-end award ceremonies are continuously taking place in Korea. However, unlike previous years, this year’s award shows will not feature the appearance of many top names such as BTS, TWICE, BLACKPINK or EXO, causing netizens to be disappointed. Instead, the lineups of Asia Artist Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, and Melon Music Awards are filled with 4th generation idols. 

kpop idols
Famous 3rd generation idols are absent from year-end award ceremonies. 

BTS is busy in America

Always delivering top-tier performances, BTS’s confirmed absence from the upcoming domestic award ceremonies causes the most regret. Currently, BTS is busy with their North American tour. The group recently held their Permission to Dance concert in 4 days, on November 27 – 28 and December 1 – 2 at SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles. As their first in-person concert after 2 years of being affected by the pandemic, BTS brought their fans the most explosive performances.

In the near future, BTS will be the first K-pop idol to perform at America’s largest winter music festival – Jingle Bell Tour. With such a busy schedule in the States, it is difficult for BTS to appear at Korean award ceremonies.

BTS has a busy schedule in the States 

BLACKPINK is in quarantine

On November 24, Lisa made fans worried after YG confirmed she got infected with the virus. Due to close contact, all members of BLACKPINK have to self-isolate at home. Therefore, the YG girls will not be able to attend the upcoming year-end events.

Moreover, even when the 4 girls are not busy with other schedules, YG Entertainment is still unlikely to let BLACKPINK appear at award shows, so fans are not surprised when BLACKPINK is not included in the lineups of these domestic events. 

Fans are used to not seeing BLACKPINK at the year-end awards ceremonies 

TWICE is having a comeback in Japan

TWICE, one of the groups that often attended award shows in Korea in previous years, has surprised many netizens this year when they are missing from the lineups of the upcoming events. Specifically, the JYP girls are currently busy with their comeback schedules in Japan. On December 2, TWICE released their 9th Japanese single “Doughnut” with a winter concept.


Currently, TWICE is one of the most popular K-pop groups in Japan. Therefore, this Japan comeback is important to the group. As a result, TWICE will need to focus on their promotions in Japan and temporarily set aside appearances in music award ceremonies in Korea.

EXO members are busy with their personal schedules

Ever since their comeback with “Don’t Fight The Feeling” in May 2021, EXO haven’t had any other group schedule. EXO was also an eventful year for EXO: Chen now has his own family with a 2nd child coming soon, Chanyeol is doing his military service, other members are busy with their solo promotion. These are why EXO might not be able to reunite for year-end music shows.

EXO’s members are busy with personal schedules.
Chen’s wife is pregnant with their 2nd child.

Red Velvet’s absent from the music scene

Ever since their comeback with “Queendom”, the Red Velvet members still have no new activity. They are still very quiet, if not totally absent from the year-end music shows.

red velvet
Red Velvet didn’t have many activities during the later half of 2021.

The absence of many big names leaves fans in regret. However, the heat of year-end music shows still won’t be cooled down. Continuing the steps of their seniors, the 4th gen idols like aespa, ITZY, ENHYPEN and NCT are expected to turn up the stage with their performances.

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