The reason why rumors of Jeon So-min leaving Running Man broke out

Actress Jeon So-min recently showed the cake she received from the production crew of SBS’s show “Running Man”.

On February 8th, Jeon So-min posted the photo of a cake she received from “Running Man” production crew on her Instagram Story.

jeon so min

The cake was decorated with the phrase “Thank you for having been with Running Man for a long time ♡”. There was also a yellow candle on the cake.

Some people raised concerns that Jeon So-min might be preparing to drop out of “Running Man” after undergoing a foot fracture surgery recently and being absent from several “Running Man” recordings. On the other hand, many others believed that “Running Man” staff only wanted to comfort and express their gratitude for Jeon So-min.

jeon so min

Jeon So-min joined “Running Man” in 2017 and is playing a prominent role in the team. In addition, she is also strengthening her position as an actress by performing the “femme fatale” acting in Channel A’s drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House”.

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