The reason why Park Jin Young is only nice to Yoon Kye Sang in god 

Here’s why Park Jin Young couldn’t touch god’s Yoon Kye Sang. 

In the 171st episode of tvN’s entertainment program ‘You Quiz on the Block‘, which aired on December 7, the national idol group god appeared as a full lineup.

yoo quiz

Park Joon Hyung revealed that when he was promoting in god, he was scolded while recording by Park Jin Young, who was 2 years younger than him. Park Jin Young even taught him how to pronounce ‘come on’, because he was living in America.

yoo quiz

Danny Ahn then revealed an unexpected fact, “Park Jin Young would not touch Kye Sang. He is very gentle and nice to Kye Sang.”

Yoon Kye Sang explained, “Because I fainted while practicing once”. He confessed that Park Jin Young was so taken aback by that. Kim Tae Woo made everyone laugh by saying, “So after recording, Ho Young and I planned to faint as well.” 

yoo quiz

Source: Nate

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