The reason why Lee Kwang Soo is adored by the public: A true hero without the cape

While Lee Kwang Soo is often known for his hilarious personality, the actor also shows a very different side.

After appearing in the famous variety show “Running Man” in 2011, Lee Kwang Soo drew a lot of attention both in and outside of Korea. Within the show, the actor is known for his relentless betrayals, as well as unlucky, clumsy, and hilarious moments, only to boast a completely different side in his everyday life.

Lee Kwang Soo

Nicknamed “the Prince of Asia”, Lee Kwang Soo “conquers” the hearts of audiences via his excellent sense of humor, spotless record, and kind-heartedness. In particular, the actor receive a lot of praise from co-workers and staff, and random moments caught on cam really shows his true personality.

Lee Kwang Soo

In particular, despite acting “mean” and “traitorous” in Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo acts extremely caring and considerate towards fellow Running Man member Song Ji Hyo. For example, he’d cover the actress with a toward when she gets wet while filming, pull out chairs for her and let her get his seat. 

Lee Kwang Soo

This gallant treatment also extends to other guests that attend the show. When actor Joo Jin Moo tried to snap a wooden plank, Lee Kwang Soo would shield others from possible debris, and on other occasions, he’d fix their clothes or wipe their mouths so they could appear stellar on the camera.

Lee Kwang Soo

It’s also no exaggeration to call Lee Kwang Soo a true gentleman. The actor was a true heart flutter when he protected Ji Hyo while on the stairs, and stabilized Park Bo Young. 

Furthermore, Kwang Soo also became a hot topic when he was caught cleaning up trash at his movie premiere. He is also said to have assisted staff to set up the filming set, and treat them well while filming Instead of receiving presents, Lee Kwang Soo donated money and gifts to disadvantaged children to celebrate his birthday in 2011.

Lee Kwang Soo

Not all heroes wear capes, and Lee Kwang Soo is a prime example, who went out of his way to help strangers. Back in 2009, the actor ran into an old couple severely hurt next to a drunk man. He immediately calls the cops, and even sticks around to give his testimony in support of the couple. In addition, when the old couple took things to court, Lee Kwang Soo became their witness to ensure their chances of winning the case, despite his busy schedules. 

Source: Billboard

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