The reason why Kim Hee-chul only looks at women’s bodies instead of their faces

Singer Kim Hee-chul revealed why he only looks at the body when seeing the opposite sex.

In episode 8 of the web entertainment show “Alcohol Street Fighter“, which was released on Dec 30th, Kim Hee-chul talked about his ideal type with rapper Queen WA$ABII.

Kim Hee-chul Alcohol Street Fighter

When Queen WA$ABII guessed “I think you’ll like a cute, innocent girl”, Kim Hee-chul replied “It’s totally wrong” and revealed his firm ideal type.

Kim Hee-chul Alcohol Street Fighter

The male singer explained “No matter what… The body! I don’t look at their faces. My face is going to be prettier anyway. I seriously said this back then! So I look at their bodies!”

Kim Hee-chul Alcohol Street Fighter

When asked “For bodies, do you like a glamorous type or a slender type?”, Kim Hee-chul said “The viewers who are watching must have different body weights” then whispered his standard to Queen WA$ABII.

Contrary to what the production team expected, Kim Hee-chul confessed “Glamorous“, which made everyone burst into laughter.

Kim Hee-chul Alcohol Street Fighter

In this regard, Kim Hee-chul shared “A long time ago, when I was young, I was very thin. We tend to like the opposite kind, right?”

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-chul ended his public relationship with TWICE Momo in July last year.


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