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Jeon So-min’s private life exposed, “Wearing bikini and going on a trip with ‘Running Man’’s PD”

Actress Jeon So-min told an anecdote that happened in Singapore.

In the opening of SBS ‘Running Man‘ broadcast on October 16, Jeon So-min mentioned a trip to Singapore with PD Sun-seon.

jeon so min

Yoo Jae-seok said, “Did you have a good trip to Singapore? Sunmyeong said that he only drank from morning to evening.

Jeon So-min said, “It was really fun. I didn’t drink much either. Producer Sun-seon is a picky eater,” she said with a smile. “I wasn’t taken during the immigration examination. Sun-seon went out and told me to come. I was called alone, but he checked the day I went out too much,” she said.

jeon so min

She confessed, “I wanted to be obsessed with the day I went out, but I had to write the day I left on the immigration. I had to write October 2, 2022, but I wrote October 2, 2202,” which drew laughter.

Source: Nate

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