The reason why Jeon Jong-seo turned down Hollywood’s love call to film “Money Heist”

Actress Jeon Jong-seo gave up Hollywood’s love call and chose Netflix’s series “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”.

On July 9th, MoneyToday Network reported that they had an interview with Jeon Jong-seo, who appeared as “Tokyo” in Netflix’s series “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 1” (Money Heist).

On this day, Jeon Jong-seo talked about why she appeared in “Money Heist”, “I’ve always wanted to approach the public (quickly). That’s the first reason I appeared in this work.

She recalled, “Actually, there was a Hollywood movie that I had prepared for nearly a year. I prepared really hard, but the filming kept getting delayed because of COVID-19.

In that process, Jeon Jong-seo, who was suggested to appear in “Money Heist”, was deeply troubled since she could not do both works due to various circumstances.

In the end, Jeon Jong-seo gave up going to Hollywood after contemplating for several months between a Hollywood movie and “Money Heist”.

She expressed her affection for fans, “Of course, I also wanted to try the drama. But the biggest reason was that I wanted to meet the Korean public as soon as possible. Because I’m an actress who lives and works in Korea.”

Jeon Jong-seo then talked about the character “Tokyo” in “Money Heist”. Tokyo is a North Korean migrant worker who came to South Korea dreaming of the Korean dream and experienced the bitterness of capitalist society.

She expressed her affection for the character, “Tokyo runs without hesitation when the target spot is set. In fact, these parts are similar to me. When I start to believe in something, I don’t betray that belief.

Jeon Jong-seo appeared as a fan of idol group BTS in the drama, but she said that she actually likes girl group TWICE.

She smiled shyly saying that she especially likes member Momo, and that she wants to learn TWICE’s choreography and get autographs.

Meanwhile, Jeon Jong-seo’s road to Hollywood was not completely thwarted.

She will make her Hollywood debut by playing the main character “Lunatic” in the American movie “Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon”, which was filmed in 2019. The film is expected to be released in the second half of this year, but no specific date has been set.

Source: insight

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