The reason why Goo Jun-yup and Barbie Hsu got ring-shaped tattoos instead of exchanging diamond rings at their wedding

Goo Jun-yup and Barbie Hsu surprised everyone with their marriage announcement in March. 6 months later, the two released their first pictorial and told several behind stories of their wedding.

On March 8th, Goo Jun-yup said, “I’m trying to continue my incomplete love with the woman I loved 20 years ago”, adding “When I heard about her divorce, I looked for the number she used 20 years ago and contacted her. Luckily, she still used the same number, and that’s how we were able to meet each other again”. The person Goo Jun-yup loved 20 years ago and tried to reconnect with was none other than Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu.

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Barbie Hsu emerged as a star through the Taiwanese version of “Boys Over Flowers”. Goo Jun-yup and Barbie Hsu used to date in the past but they broke up due to busy schedules. Later, Barbie Hsu married Wang Xiaofei, a businessman and second-generation conglomerate, in 2011 and has two children. After divorcing Wang Xiaofei last year, Barbie Hsu is raising two children.

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Appearing on “You Quiz on the Block”, Goo Jun-yup explained the stories surrounding Barbie Hsu and him. He said, “There was a rumor that Barbie Hsu’s mother might not allow her daughter to marry me. But it’s actually not like that. My mother-in-law loves me a lot and considers me her son. There is no reason for a mother to oppose this when she sees her daughter in love.”

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“Our wedding went well”, Goo Jun-yup said. He and Barbie Hsu recently had an interview after shooting a pictorial with Vogue Taiwan. According to Vogue, Goo Jun-yup and Barbie Hsu showed up in the shooting studio holding hands affectionately. Meeting the photoshoot staff, Barbie Hsu, who didn’t wear makeup at that time, introduced Goo Jun-yup, “This is my husband”. According to the staff of Vogue, the couple seemed to have secretly returned to the time they were in love 20 years ago.

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Barbie Hsu confessed that she was so heartbroken that she just wanted to die of distress at the time she broke up with Goo Jun-yup. The actress said, “I wanted to quit being a celebrity. I hated this job as I thought I couldn’t date freely as a celebrity.”

Barbie Hsu continued, “I was very surprised when he (Goo Jun-yup) called me. I didn’t change my cell phone number. I continued to use this number even after we broke up 20 years ago. We lost contact completely after our breakup, but I didn’t change my number”. Accordingly, when Goo Jun-yup called Barbie Hsu again, he said, “Did you forget all your past feelings? I want to visit you”. Barbie Hsu shared, “I told him, ‘Why do you only say it when we’re already old? You should have asked me that 20 years ago’”, revealing the situation when she received Goo Jun-yup’s proposal.

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At the time Goo Jun-yup proposed to Barbie Hsu, they could not meet each other due to the aftermath of COVID-19 unless they got married. After announcing their wedding, Koo Jun-yup immediately flew to Taiwan and started doing self-quarantine. He finally met Barbie Hsu after completing self-quarantine.

Goo Jun-yup and Barbie Hsu tied the knot by holding a simple party with the attendance of family members and close acquaintances instead of a fancy wedding ceremony. This is actually what Barbie Hsu had dreamed of since her childhood. In particular, the two did not exchange rings but engraved ring-shaped tattoos on their fingers. In this regard, Barbie Hsu explained, “When he proposed to me, he said he wanted to engrave a wedding ring on his hand instead of actually wearing a diamond ring. So we bought a machine and practiced doing it every day.”

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In addition to the finger tattoo, Goo Jun-yup drew attention as he tattooed a ship with Barbie Hsu’s name and an anchor with Taiwan’s longitude and latitude on his body. He said, “I want to settle my anchor in Taiwan. Our home is where Barbie Hsu stays. I’m sure the luck will be with us, and having her come back to me is the most grateful thing in my life”, expressing his affection.

Hopefully, the future of the two, who have a movie-like love story, will be full of blessings.

Source: Daum

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