The real reason why Suzy gave up on the CSAT exams and didn’t go to college

There was a time when celebrities got admitted to prestigious universities and enjoyed the effect of advertising.

However, it was often difficult for celebrities to attend classes and take exams due to their promoting activities, which led to them being accused that they entered the school only for the title. As this became a big problem, more and more celebrities decide to drop college.

In an interview in 2012, Suzy said she refused to become a college freshman when a large number of idols born in 1994 did not take the CSAT as well. 

Suzy, who became a top star with her activities in Miss A and through the movie “Architecture 101”, answered honestly about the reason why she didn’t go to college.

“Even if I go to college now, I don’t think I’ll be able to fulfill my school life because of my work. I can challenge myself when I think I want to go to college, but I decided not to try college this year because I want to be active as a singer, actor, and entertainer next year. I want to work harder in my field for a while.”

Suzy, who didn’t go to college 10 years ago and devoted herself to acting, is now standing as one of the top stars in Korea. Through the Coupang Play series “Anna,” she depicts a woman with Ripley Syndrome in depth. 

From her teens to her late 30s, Suzy is praised for her hard-carry characters.

Source: daum

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