The real identity of this lady from Seogang Univ. whose appearance on “Unanswered Questions” went viral because of her beauty

Park Eun-bin appeared on Kakao TV’s original entertainment show “Shall we just talk?”, planned and produced by Kakao M, and joined a Kakaotalk talk with host Kim I-na.    

Park Eun-bin

Kakao TV recently uploaded a video interview titled “Should I talk to “The King’s Affection” Park Eunbin? An Emotional Talk-terview”.

Park Eun-bin

In this video, Park Eun-bin’s past appearance in “Unanswered Questions” was revealed.

Park Eun-bin

Kim Yi-na sent a chat, asking, “Please explain this. Who would appear as a student on ‘Unanswered Question’ looking like that? Please express your position,” to which Park Eun-bin sent a text back, humbly said, “Honestly, I don’t think I was pretty there, but everyone all liked it a lot.”

In the past, Park Eun-bin appeared on SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” and expressed her opinion on her studies and acting. Park Eun-bin said, “If I can’t do what I like because of studying, I’ll neglect one side a little. But I don’t want to give up like that yet. I want to do both first.”

Park Eun-bin

Netizens who watched the video at the time responded explosively, saying, “I thought she was the prettiest in the world,” “She is pure and really pretty,” and “Innocent beauty.”

Meanwhile, Park Eun-bin got accepted into the Department of Social Science at Sogang University in 2011.

Park Eun-bin is receiving a lot of love for her passionate performance in the drama “The King’s Affection,” which recently ended.

Park Eun-bin

The actor said on her SNS, “I have spent a year as ‘Lee Hwi’,” adding, “I am deeply grateful to “The King’s Affection” viewers around the world for their support. I’ve fallen for “The King’s Affection”, and “I’m still falling for it. Everyone, #Good-byeLeeHwi #Thank you for the love,” she said, expressing her gratitude to the viewers along with her thoughts on the end of the series.


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