The reactions of alleged HYBE employees about Kim Garam’s school violence controversy 

People who claimed to be staff at HYBE complained about the company’s protection of Kim Garam.

Recently, some users on the company review platform Blind, which only allows people with business emails, commented about the ongoing controversies surrounding LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam

Kim Ga-ram

Their anecdotes are as follows: 

Staff 1: Everyone at HYBE is being criticized due to the company’s actions

Some employees at the company used to suffer from school violence, or had trauma from their school days despite not being bullying victims. Source Music and HYBE’s wrong course of action, alongside outdated predictions from superiors, is turning these people into perpetrators and affecting them for the second time. As a grownup, I personally pity the victim, who was bullied at such a young age to the point of having to transfer school, only to later quit their studies and consider taking their own life. I am ashamed to be working for such a place. 

Staff 2: I’m afraid I want to resign 

While working, I try to ignore everything that’s ongoing. I hate working for such a shameful company. 

Kim Ga-ram

Staff 3: As a victim of school violence, HYBE severely disappoints. 

To the perpetrator, it may only feel like a small mistake that they committed at a young age. However, to us victims, it feels like a permanent scar that remains my entire life. There’s nothing that can soothe me, unless my bully dies. Even now, I struggle to overcome those memories. 

The full story has come out for both the victim and the perpetrator’s side, so just how much more do they want the company’s reputation to be ruined? I feel extremely disappointed in those who made the decision and wrote the statement (in favor of Kim Garam).

My faith in HYBE has reached rock bottom, and fandoms of artists from other labels are spamming us with negative comments. Will Source Music take responsibility for this? I feel embarrassed whenever I admit to being a HYBE employee. 

Previously, a victim has spoken out against LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam, revealed that they suffered under the female idol’s relentless bullying, and hired a lawyer to represent her. 

Kim Ga-ram

In response, HYBE maintained that Kim Garam was innocent, that she was a victim of bullying herself, and that she only received a school violence record after protecting her friend

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