The poster of Daesung for Big Bang’s comeback was officially released with a hairstyle that attracted netizens’ attention

Ahead of their comeback, YG Entertainment, in turn, announced posters of G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung.

On April 5, Big Bang officially announced their comeback with ‘Still Life‘. The work marks an important milestone for the K-pop cult group after four years of hiatus.

As of March 27, YG Entertainment has released posters of three members, including G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung. Recently, this new image of Daesung surprised fans. On YG‘s official fanpage as well as other fanpages, the audience left many comments about his new hairstyle.

Bigbang DaesungStill Life
The image of Daesung in the new poster. Photo: YG.

With long curly hair, Daesung looks different from his usual image. Many netizens shared that they cannot recognize the Big Bang member.

“Is this Daesung? Curly hair? I can’t breathe”, “God”, “Oh my god, Daesung. I like this style”, “How can this be?”, “Wait, what’s going on”… were some comments on YG‘s official Instagram account. There are also opinions that Daesung reminds them of Bi Rain in this poster.


Thus, up to now, only T.O.P has not yet revealed his comeback poster

Still Life’ is most likely T.O.P‘s last song as a Big Bang member. The male rapper has decided to leave YG Entertainment after 16 years. T.O.P said he wanted to stand on his own feet and develop his individual career. He talked about this in a recent interview, “Big Bang is an idol group. But I’m getting old. I don’t want to say this is the last time. But frankly, it’s probably going to be a long time until I return as Big Bang’s TOP Over the past 5 years, our music sense and activities have become different.”

Big Bang‘s comeback in 2022 is gaining high anticipation but also drawing mixed opinions. Attention is focused on whether the new song is well received or not and whether the public still accepts Big Bang regardless of their past controversies, given that the scandal of T.O.P and especially former member Seungri are not easy to erase.

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