The only idol member in Korea who is followed by Ariana Grande on Instagram

Ariana Grande is gaining huge popularity not only international but also among Korean artists. There are a lot of people who are following her SNS.

However, there is only 1 Korean celebrity who is followed by Ariana on Instagram. It was Yeri of Red Velvet.

Yeri has certified herself to be a passionate fan of Ariana Grande by sending letter videos to the Western diva herself.

As if she had heard about the video, Ariana began to follow Yeri on Instagram.

She also drew the attention of fans by pressing like on Yeri’s photo of visiting SoHo in New York, U.S.

The netizens who learned about this through the online community are showing a very hot reaction, “Ariana followed her…this is amazing”, “Our Yeri is now a successful fan”, “I’m so jealous”…

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