The number of “All of Us Are Dead” leading actors’ Instagram followers before vs. now

Since Netflix’s “All of Us Are Dead” was released, its leading actors’ popularity has risen sharply.

On Feb 2nd, the recent Instagram status of “All of Us Are Dead” actors was posted on online communities. There was a big difference in the number of followers.

“All of Us Are Dead” was released around the world through Netflix on Jan 28th. It has continued to be unusually popular since its release, topping the global weekly chart for non-English works.

Among them, Lomon (as Lee Su-hyeok) is particularly popular. He is mentioned the most on online communities for his handsome looks.


It can be seen that the number of his Instagram followers rose from 361,000 to 2.3 million as of the morning of Feb 3rd.

Other actors also showed high rates of rise.

Yoon Chan-young (as Lee Cheong-san) increased from 140,000 to 1.87 million, while Yoo In-soo (as Yoon Gwi-nam) increased from 57,000 to 601,000.

Yoon Chan-young

Park Ji-hu, who plays Nam On-jo, gained a lot of followers: from 750,000 to 1.38 million.

park ji hoo

Cho Yi-hyun (as Choi Nam-ra) surpassed 2 million: from 322,000 to 2.02 million.

cho yi hyun

Based on the Naver webtoon of the same name, “All of Us Are Dead” tells the story of students, who are trapped in their school where the zombie virus began, struggling to survive together while waiting for a rescue.

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