The next trio of Korean actresses after Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun 

Han So Hee, Kim Tae Ri and Kim Yoo Jung have proven themselves capable of taking over such a legacy. 

Han So Hee

At present, Korean media is calling Han So Hee with a favorable nickname the “New Song Hye Kyo” b because of her rising popularity and expanding resources. With a unique beauty and versatile images, Han So Hee makes herself stand out from the crowd. 

Pursuing acting since 2016, Han So Hee had the first main role in “Money Flower” that achieved an impressive rating of 13.4% and was considered one of the must-watch drama series of 2017. 

In 2018, Han So Hee continued drawing attention as Kim So Hye in “100 Days My Prince” and made a major leap in the career with “The World of the Married” as the mistress Yeo Da Kyung. The series’ huge success shot So Hee to stardom overnight. 

Han So Hee

In 2021, Han So Hee was all over the media when two of her dramas, “Nevertheless” and “My Name” were top favorites. She received “Best Actress” from the “2022 Baeksang Arts Awards” and “Best New Actress” from the “2022 Blue Dragon Series Awards.” 

2023 promises to be another explosive year when she is set to appear in “Gyeongseong Creature” starring alongside Park Seo Joon and the highly anticipated Girl Love series “Heavy Snow.” 

Han So Hee

Moreover, viewers spotted that Han So Hee was on the roll with her serial dramas and not many achievements in her movie projects, paralelling Song Hye Kyo’s career.

Kim Tae Ri

What draws attention to Kim Tae Ri is not usually beauty but her indisputable talent. It is not exaggerated to say that Kim Tae Ri is among the top actresses who prove herself a capable performer with the sheer range of her achievements. 

kim tae ri

Her famous, and sometimes controversial, work “The Handmaiden” was once brought to attend various domestic and international award ceremonies (including the prestigious “Cannes Film Awards”). The movie brought her the “Best New Actress” titles from the “Blue Dragon Film Awards,” “Buil Film Awards,” “Busan Film Critics Awards” and many more.

Twenty five twenty one

Other critically acclaimed an box-office successes of the actress include “1987: When the Day Comes” and “Little Forest.” 

On the small screen, two of most well-known roles are “Mr. Sunshine” and “Twenty-five Twenty-one,” with impressive ratings, 12.995% and 9.636%, respectively. 

Kim Yoo Jung

Starting very early in the field at the age of 5, Kim Yoo Jung grew up to be the “Nation’s Little Sister” of Korea. 

Kim Yoo Jung

Boasting both a visually attractive image and amazing acting chops, Kim Yoo Jung captures the audience’s attention with her every new role. In 2016, she created a lasting impression as Hong Ra On in “Love in the Moonlight” with a rating of 16.9%. Kim Yoo Jung also left a indelible marks with “The Lovers of The Red Sky,” “Angry Mom” and “20th Century Girl.” 


In 2017, Kim Yoo Jung was placed 8th among the top 10 “Influential Korean Celebrities” published by Forbes. 

Moreover, Kim Yoo Jung expanded her career in the theatrical plays early this year with “Shakespeare In Love,” an adaptation of the movie of the same name in 1998. She plays Viola de Lesseps, daughter of a rich merchant. Viola disguises as a man named Thomas Kent to become a stage actor. The play receives positive feedback from the critics and general audience alike. 

Source: k14

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