The net worth of IVE members 1 year after debut: Is Jang Won Young the richest? 

With huge popularity, a massive fandom, and outstanding sales both digital and physical wise, IVE is among the most successful Kpop groups of the 4th generation. As a result, all members of IVE boast outstanding net worth after just 1 year of debut. 

IVE thumbnail
IVE is among the most popular girl groups as of the moment 

Below is a breakdown of how much money each IVE member now owns: 

Jang Won Young 

It is impossible to deny the top-tier popularity of Jang Won Young, who is often called a “princess” and “the next-generation visual goddess”. At the same time, Jang Won Young is also well-known for her jaw-dropping figure with perfect proportions. 

So far, Jang Won Young not only excels in the music industry, but is also a popular face in the fashion realm. The female idol is working as the model for various brands like Miu Miu, Fred, Innisfree, KIRSH, Eider, Hapa Kristin, and GOSPHERES. At the same time, she is in charge of hosting various TV shows, and according to Idol Net Worth, is estimated to be in possession of over 6 million USD. 

Jang Won-young
Jang Won Young is the model for various brands 
The female idol is called  “princess” and “the next-generation visual goddess”
Ive jang won young Genie Music Awards 2022
At age 18, Jang Won Young’s net worth has surpassed 6 million USD 
Jang Won-young miumiu
The female idol often appear at various prestigious events 

Ahn Yu Jin

In terms of net worth, Ahn Yu Jin comes in 2nd among IVE members with around 5 million USD. Besides music activities, she also works in modeling, advertising, hosting, and fashion, and is known to be interacting with brands such as Versace, Chanel, Burberry, and Dewytree.

Alongside Jang Won Young, Yu Jin is also a former member of project girl group IZ*ONE, and thus gained huge popularity even before the debut of IVE. Therefore, it is understandable that the two are richer than the rest of IVE members. 

ive ahn yujin elle
Yu Jin works with a lot of fashion brand 
Ahn Yu jin W
The female idol is a formidable name in the 4th generation
ahn yu-jin
It is reported that Ahn Yu Jin’s net worth falls around 5 million USD
She is expected to be breaching into acting in the future 


At the age of 15, Leeseo’s net worth is estimated to be around 1 million USD, making her the 3rd richest in IVE. It is rumored that before joining IVE, Leeseo was a child model under SM Entertainment, and thus already gained experience and money, totalling to the aforementioned amount. 

ive leeseo dazed thumbnail
Leeseo is the 3rd richest member of IVE
IVE Leeseo thumbnail
Rumors have it that she was a child model under SM Entertainment 
At the age of 15, Leeseo has already earned around 1 million USD. 

Gaeul, Rei, and Liz

The 3 remaining members of IVE: Gaeul, Rei, and Liz, all boast net worths of about 500,000 USD. Since none of them were active in the entertainment industry prior to IVE’s debut, they haven’t catched up with the remaining members. In addition, Starship doesn’t favor any of them, leading to few solo activities. 

ive gaeul thumbnail
Gaeul catches the eyes of fans, but have yet to land any huge solo activities 
Highly-talented, yet Liz has not won much solo opportunities 
Among the 3, Rei has got some noticeable achievements…
…such as appearing on the cover of Vogue Japan 
IVE AAA thumbnail
All of them are expected to accrue much higher net worth in the future. 

Source: Yan 

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