Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Hyung received a rectal examination at the detention center (“No Entry”)

Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Hyung are subjected to rectal examination at a detention center on “No Entry”.

Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Hyung visited the first prohibited zone for the SBS current affairs culture program “No Entry,” which first aired on Jan 5th.

In this episode, Kim Jong Kook and Yang Se Hyung even took a prison convoy bus from the Ministry of Justice in order to experience the detention center as realistic as possible. They are soon moved to the new inmate room as they entered the detention center. The prison officer said, “Those who are admitted to the assigned room after the admission process are not allowed to talk to each other. You can talk to the staff if you need anything,” he announced seriously.

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Kim Jong Kook was meticulously examined for lenses, hearing aids, dentures, and wigs during identification and personal investigation. Especially, Yang Se Hyung was especially shocked by the question “Did you insert anything into your genital?” He said to himself, “I should live carefully, really.”

In addition, Yang Se Hyung was warned not to laugh after he let out a laugh at Kim Jong Kook wearing rubber shoes after changing his clothes.

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Meanwhile, Kim Jong Kook got subjected to an electronic rectal test to check whether he hid tobacco, drugs, and illegal items inside. Yang Se Hyung, who heard the sound of the process, was surprised to know that the center actually conduct such a test. In the process, he asked another prison officer if inmates still bring in things in this way, and was surprised to hear a  “Yes”.

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