The most popular K-drama of April hit new rating record, highly praised for cool male lead

This newly-released K-drama is receiving plenty of compliments from the audience. 

Again My Life” is SBS’s newest series that is aired on Friday & Saturday, and also Lee Jun Ki’s first TV comeback since 2020. The series competes directly with Kim Hee Sun’s new work “Tomorrow”, and is a reason why “Tomorrow”’s viewership recently dropped from 7% to a meager 2%. 

Again my life

While not widely-discussed on the net, “Again My Life” is seeing impressive ratings, which rose from 5.8% to 8.1%. 

again my life

Netizens are showering the law drama with praises, and actor Lee Jun Ki, in particular, is gaining ample attention. In the series, the actor transforms into Kim Hee Woo, who died while investigating a suspicious government official. Hee Woo, however, gained a second chance at life and was sent back to his student days, ready to plan out his revenge. 

Some comments from the netizens: 

  • Lee Jun Ki is a total acting genius. His almighty prosecutor image is truly a world’s wonder. I never miss out on his works. His acting never disappoints. 
  • Honestly, the trailer was pretty bland so I didn’t expect much. Now I’m dying because there are only 2 episodes a week. 
  • The original webtoon was so interesting. Lee Jun Ki stepped straight out of it. 
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