The most enraging actor in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” made his debut by winning with a competition rate of 700:1

Actor Joo Jong-hyuk, who gained the nickname “Tactician Kwon” (his character Kwon Min-woo’s nickname) in the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” is drawing attention online.

Debuting with the short film “Mongma” in 2015, Joo Jong-hyuk went to study abroad in New Zealand when he was in middle school and returned to Korea to finish his military enlistment while majoring in hotel management at the university.

joo jong hyuk

While working as a bartender following his major, Joo Jong-hyuk stepped into the professional acting field after being offered a role in a promotional video filmed by one of his customers.

Since then, he has been active in independent films before signing an official contract with BH Entertainment in 2020 with the highest score at Kakao M Actors Auditions in 2019, which has the competition rate of 700:1.

In the past, he still felt something ambiguous about acting, but every time he went up one level at a time, he realized, “I’m doing well,” so he started to like it.

joo jong hyuk
D.P. / Happiness

Following his appearance in Netflix’s “D.P.” which drew a lot of attention last year, he appeared in “The Veil,” “Yumi’s Cells,” “Happiness” one after another and made his face known to the viewers.

joo jong hyuk

Although he is a villain in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Joo Jong-hyuk has really impressed viewers with his outstanding acting skills. As much as he wants to be an actor who the viewers can sympathize with, we look forward to seeing him as a good actor in his next work.

Source: daum

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