Following Lee Bo-young, Son Na-eun and Jeon Hye-jin were cast to complete the lineup of JTBC’s new drama “Advertising Agency”… The war of advertisers begins

Following Lee Bo-young, Jo Sung-ah, Son Na-eun, Han Joon-woo, and Jeon Hye-jin also joined the lineup for JTBC’s new drama “Advertising Agency”, heralding the war-like lives of those in the advertising industry.

JTBC’s new drama “Advertising Agency (working title)” (directed by Lee Chang-min, scripted by Song Soo-ah, produced by How Pictures, Drama House Studio, SLL) is an office drama that tells about Go Ah-in, who becomes the first female executive of a big advertising agency and builds a career in which she will go beyond being the first to reach the best position. In a hyperrealistic way, this drama depicts the uncertain lives of people in advertising agencies, who look like elegant swans on the outside but struggle to survive in their world like walking on thin ice. 

First of all, Lee Bo-young, who is considered a trustworthy actress with her solid acting skills and unrivaled presence, takes on the role of CD (Creative Director) Go Ah-in, who leads Production team 2 in VC Planning, an advertising agency of a grand corporation. Go Ah-in joined the company as a copywriter on her first attempt with a perfect score. She always keeps her routine thoroughly and always shows up in high heels in order to avoid showing deficiency. As a result of working continuously like an emotionless machine for 19 years, she became the No.1 advertising queen in this industry and was also honored as the first female executive in the company. However, since people expect Ah-in to have reached her limit, she begins to go beyond being the first and aim for the best position. Lee Bo-young is expected to create another “best character of her life” by portraying Go Ah-in with her unique acting that the viewers have not seen before.

Advertising Agency

Jo Sung-ha, who has been in the spotlight for playing various characters, will appear as Choi Chang-soo, the planning director of the advertising agency VC Planning. Choi Chang-soo, who graduated from the Department of Economics of Hankuk University – Korea’s top university, has been on a roll without a single failure. With the goal of becoming the next CEO, he gathers his own team by raising junior colleagues from Hankuk University. He is cool-headed, smart and never loses to anyone except for Go Ah-in. The confrontation between Jo Sung-ah with his charisma and Lee Bo-young with her fierce acting is raising high expectations.

Son Na-eun, who has shown her stable acting skills in the drama “Ghost Doctor”, which ended in February, has been cast to play Kang Han-na, the 3rd-generation chaebol of the VC Group. To Kang Han-na, who is active as an SNS star influencer, success is a “movement of independence”. Although Kang Han-na looks like a child who enjoys the luxury life of being born into a chaebol family, she is just crouching down looking for an opportunity that will come to her someday. That opportunity comes to her, which is the position of the head of VC’s SNS Division. The genius intuition of Han-na, who seeks success in this company, tells her to use Go Ah-in. Attention is being paid to the acting transformation of Son Na-eun, who will show her outstanding charm as a third-generation chaebol who is pioneering her life.

The role of Park Young-woo, who takes care of Kang Han-na from the side, will be played by the talented actor Han Joon-woo. Young-woo is a secretary at the VC Group and he has stayed by Han-na’s side as her bodyguard since she studied MBA abroad. Whenever Han-na goes through a crisis, he boldly gives in solutions as well as physical methods and faithfully plays the role of Han-na’s henchman. Han Joon-woo, who drew the public’s attention by showing excellent acting in “Be Melodramatic”, “Through The Darkness” and “Pachinko”, is raising the drama fans’ curiosity about what kind of character he will create this time.

Advertising Agency

Lastly, Jo Eun-jung, which will be portrayed by Jeon Hye-jin, is a copywriter for Production team 2 of VC Planning. While living a harder life than anyone else as a mother of a five-year-old son, she received a call from Go Ah-in the No.1 Creative Director in the advertising industry. Despite people’s opposition, Eun-jung chose Go Ah-in without hesitation and was determined to make her name appear on the billboard with a decent portfolio. However, her family’s dissatisfaction exploded due to the explosive increase in her workload. Eun-jung, who lives every day choosing between work and family, is curious about the life of Ah-in, who is her role model and lives only for success. Jeon Hye-jin, who impressed drama fans with her performance as Hyun-ah with an outspoken personality in the recently ended drama “My Liberation Notes”, will express the complex feelings of working mother Eun-jung with her unique deep emotional acting.

The production team of “Advertising Agency” said, “From Lee Bo-young to Jeon Hye-jin, the cast matches the image of each character so well. In addition, all of them have lots of acting experience, making this a perfect lineup”, adding, “We will show you the vivid story of advertisers who are fiercely walking their way towards the goal of success in the advertising industry. Please look forward to it.”

JTBC’s new drama “Advertising Agency”, which boasts a splendid cast lineup, will air its first episode in the first half of 2023. It will be directed by Lee Chang-min, who showed a mixture of fun and delicate emotions by directing “Welcome to Waikiki” and “Monthly Magazine Home”. 

Source: Daum

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