The latest status of Lee Ga Eun, who was robbed of her chance with IZ*ONE and left After School

Lee Ga Eun, a former member of girl group After School who gained attention after “Produce 48”, has turned into an actress. 

Lee Ga Eun was among the most popular contestants of “Produce 48” and a prime candidate to debut with IZ*ONE, but was affected by ranking manipulation. She hasn’t been active in a while, but has recently posted an update. 

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In particular, on October 30th, singer and actress Lee Ga Eun posted a photo of her current situation on Instagram along with the caption, “Thanks to you, I have a bite of bread and a smile.”  

In the published photo, Lee Ga Eun was sitting in the outdoor terrace of a cafe and holding a piece of bread on her fork, showing off an innocent visual that made the viewers’ hearts flutter. 

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Lee Ga Eun, who recently turned into an actress by appearing in the JTBC drama “The Empire”, made her debut with After School’s 5th single album “Flashback” in 2012. 

At the time, After School used an admission and graduation system where the member lineup constantly changes, and the leader Kahi just graduated, followed by Lee Ga Eun’s admission. 

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As Kahi, who just left, was the team’s spiritual support, After School was unable to achieve the same success they once had, and after “Flashback”, their heyday ran downhill.

Then, from 2015 to 2018, members Jooyeon, Jung Ah, Uee, and Lizzy all graduated while no one was added, and the group’s agency was too busy nurturing a new girl group, leading to After School no longer having any comeback and Ga Eun having no chance to show herself to the public. 

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Lee Ga Eun was rumored to be joining a new girl group, but she returned to trainee status. In 2018, after 6 years and 11 months since her debut, Ga Eun appeared on the Mnet’s audition program “Produce 48”.

Here, the female idol, who has been training for years, has not only received high evaluations, but also maintained first place for a couple of weeks, making her debut seem certain.

However, in the final round, Lee Ga Eun was excluded from the final debut group by placing 14th, and later ended her contract with her agency, Pledis. 

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She later found a new company and returned to the entertainment industry as an actress.  

lee kaeun

In late 2020, it was revealed that the PD and CP committed vote rigging for “Produce 48”, and Lee Ga Eun, who previously ranked 14th, is rumored to have ranked 5th in the true ranking, leading to a lot of regrets. 

In 2021, Lee Ga Eun appeared in the tvN drama “High Class”, and is now starring in the JTBC new drama “The Empire”.

lee kaeun

Source: Daum

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