“Night of Hate Comments” PD: “Sulli’s confessed about the no-bra situation, the staff were also surprised”

The image of the stars reading the negative comments, which is directed towards them, were unfamiliar but fresh. “Night of Hate Comments” dominated the home turf, boasting a record level of entertainment.

First aired at 8 p.m. on June 21st, JTBC2’s new entertainment show “Night of Hate Comments” is a program where stars read the malicious comments about them and learn the right comment manners and culture. Shin Dong-yup, Kim Sook, Kim Jong-min and Sulli are the hosts, and the first broadcast being organized as a hosts’ special.

Sulli surprised everyone with malicious comments regarding her and keywords such as “Eye rape“, “No bra” and “Attention whore“.

Producer Lee Nara, who directed the show, said in a telephone conversation with OSEN on the 22th, “It’s a relief that the first broadcast is receiving hot response. Everyone has worked so hard on this JTBC2’s original, but I was worried that it wouldn’t be able to receive any reaction or response. This is thanks to the hosts’ honesty on the show.

To answer to the rumor that she used drug, Sulli explained: “I played a drug-using character in the movie ‘Real’. I had had to study a lot by watching five drug-related movies“. She then continued to explain another controversy, “and the No-bra controversy is my personal freedom. Because it has iron and wire, bras are bad for your health. I just don’t wear it because it’s convenient not to wear it. I think it’s pretty and natural. Brasier is just an accessory to me,” she said proudly.

Most of all, Sulli surprised everyone on the spot by revealing, “I don’t look weird right now, do I? I’m not wearing that accessory right now. Isn’t it natural?”.

Producer Lee Na-ra said, “Sulli was more honest than anyone else, so the viewers seemed to like her more now. She’s determined to show you everything, and she’s trying to be honest. Sulli was also worried, but after directly talked it out on the show, she felt even more relieved. I hope this show will be a window for wounds to be eased because wounds need to be healed so that it can go away.

Source: nate

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