The Lady in Butcher’s House accused of blatantly plagiarizing a Korean masterpiece – “Mr. Queen”

Not yet aired, this film has been accused of plagiarizing “Mr. Queen” due to an obvious detail.

On March 30, the historical drama called “The Lady in Butcher’s House” was officially confirmed to air on MangoTV from April 1 and released a series of character introduction images. However, the latest poster of the drama was accused by Korean fans of plagiarizing “Mr. Queen”.

The Lady in Butcher's House
The Lady in Butcher's House
The poster is suspected of copying a poster of “Mr. Queen” 

Specifically, the new poster of The Lady in Butcher’s House has a layout divided into two parts: one side is the female lead Baby Zhang performing a martial arts posture, the other side is the male lead, Tong Meng Shi. Netizens believe that this poster has the layout, costumes, and poses of the character almost identical to the poster of “Mr. Queen”.

Currently, the audience, who are looking forward to the drama, is extremely disappointed. Previously, many Weibo posts listed “Mr. Queen” was on the list of “plagiarized dramas” due to suspicions that it stole the idea of “Go Princess Go”, but then there was news that “Mr. Queen” is originally a remake of “Go Princess Go”.

Netizens’ comments:

  • I have been waiting for this drama for a long time. Feeling really disappointed.
  • They certainly couldn’t come up with an explanation. The truth is clearly seen
  • It immediately reminds me of Mr. Queen.
The Lady in Butcher's House
 “Mr. Queen” was once accused by Chinese netizens of plagiarizing “Go Princess Go”

“The Lady in Butcher’s house” is about Hu Jiao (Baby Zhang) who traveled back in time and became the daughter of a butcher. This lovely girl was engaged to Xu Qing Jia – a poor but well-educated boy. When Hu Jiao and Xu Qing Jia got married, they soon got into trouble due to their different personalities. However, “first make friends, then make love”. It was love that helped them to climb many stairs of life. The drama officially aired from April 1st at 19:30 (Chinese time zone).

The Lady in Butcher's House
“Andy Lau’s adopted daughter” – Baby Zhang
The Lady in Butcher's House
Tong Meng Shi
The Lady in Butcher's House
The drama will be on air from April 1st.

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