The Kpop idol who has been pretty since be born: attracted great attention even at the pre-debut time 

This idol has never experienced being ugly in her life.

Recently, Sullyoon‘s visual has continuously become a hot topic that Knetizens are extremely interested in.  Despite praising her many times, Knetizens are still overwhelmed by the perfect visual of the female idol.

In recent days, because Sullyoon was infected with Covid-19 and has to postpone all schedules, she has not had any new photos.  However, Sullyoon knows how to please fans.  She constantly uploads pre-debut photos on SNS.  And as a matter of course, she shocked everyone with her visuals.

Thanks to a series of childhood photos, Sullyoon proves that she has a completely natural beauty.  This made netizens extremely admired.  Many people think that she will definitely become more and more beautiful in the future

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