The kiss scene in a recent K-drama is receiving explosive responses from netizens, “It’s so real… I feel like I’m watching the two kissing in real life”

The viewers are pouring enthusiastic reactions to the kiss scene in KBS2’s ongoing drama “Crazy Love”.

Episode 11 of “Crazy Love”, which aired on April 11th, showed Noh Go-jin (Kim Jae-wook) and Lee Shin-ah (Jung Soo-jung) confirming each other’s hearts and sharing a kiss.

Netizens showed positive reactions to the kiss scene performed by Kim Jae-wook and Jung Soo-jung. The video cut of the two’s kiss scene, which was later uploaded on Youtube and SNS, recorded many views and comments. 

The kiss scene became a hot topic with netizens’ compliments, such as “What an intense kiss that made me hold my breath for a while without realizing it”, “I thought I was watching them kissing for real”, “The kiss scene is so real that I feel like I’m watching the two from beside”, “Their actings are so good”, “Kim Jae-wook is really the master of kissing scenes”, “Wow… my heart… Please don’t get too excited”, “This looks so real”, “Yes, be careful with the sound! This is an adult kiss”, etc.

“Crazy Love”, starring Kim Jae-wook and Jung Soo-jung, is a crazy rom-com drama that tells about the sweet and brutal romance between an instructor, who has been warned of being murdered, and his secretary, who doesn’t have much time left. 

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