The K-pop idol series is likened to a CG product thanks to their surreal beauty

Possessing the beauty that every girl dreams of, these beauties’ appearances are so perfect as if they were products of artificial technology. 

If you have ever heard of CG influencer Rozy, many people will surely fall in love with the impressive graphic beauty of this virtual model. However, not being a product of technology, the following Korean female artists are still voted by fans as idols with CG-standard beauty, from the face to the body are to the standard of living dolls. 

1. Jiho (OH MY GIRL)

Taking on the position of lead vocalist and lead dancer in OH MY GIRL, Jiho was also named the unofficial visual of the group. The 1997-born beauty has big eyes and a slim v-line chin. People liken Jiho as a high-class beauty thanks to her regal aura and feminine beauty.

This beauty was also compared to Rosé, when she had blonde hair. With her sweet and attractive beauty, Jiho always makes netizens fever every time they see her on stage.

2. Tzuyu (TWICE)

Tzuyu is known as one of the most beautiful 3rd generation female idols in K-pop. Since her debut, the female idol has scored with a slim face, big eyes and seductive cherry lips. 

Not only making people excited with her stunning beauty, Tzuyu also surprised with her toned body, small waist, and sexy 11 abs. It can be said that the beauty of TWICE always looks beautiful and has a dazzling aura in every frame and angle.

3. Yoon (STAYC)

Yoon’s real name is Shim Jayoon but fans often nickname her Sims. This is a play on words related to a role-playing video game. People give her this lovely name because the beauty looks perfect as a computer graphics character.

Every time she appears in public, Yoon always makes a strong impression with her beautiful face like a Japanese doll, big eyes and an incredibly perfect nose. In particular, the female idol’s ice-cold aura makes her look like a goddess, attracting more and more fans. 

4. Yuna (ITZY)

Yuna is often compared by fans to a character in a computer game thanks to her large, sparkling eyes and beautiful body proportions. Not only is she beautiful on stage, every photo taken of Yuna in real life is incredibly beautiful. 

In addition to a picture-like face, Yuna also has a very standard body with a surreal waist. The beauty often wears crop tops to show off her small waist. 

5. Somi

The mixed angel Somi possesses a harmonious beauty between Asia and Europe. The female Idol is said to have a very similar appearance to the blonde Barbie, especially her mesmerizing deep eyes and high straight nose that handle every angle. 

Not only has beautiful visuals, the 2001-born female idol also possesses the admirable body of many girls. The beauty is 1m69 tall and weighs 46kg. Besides singing and dancing, Somi also knows how to play the piano, cook, and taekwondo. 

6. Na Kyung (fromis_9)

When she just debuted, Na Kyung caused a fever with her rare perfect beauty. The fromis_9 member has a well-proportioned face, the lines and structure on her face are all very standard as if they were finely sculpted. Many fans commented that she has an unrealistic beauty, like stepping out of a picture.

7. Karina (aespa)

Standing out from the new generation of female idols, Karina shines with her very own attractive beauty. At first, her beauty will not be to the taste of the majority. However, the more you look at her, the more beautiful she becomes. 

The female rookie is also known as the “body saint” when she has an ideal height of 1m67, slim legs and a body with a fat percentage of close to 0%. Although Karina’s back is long, thanks to the fashion chosen, this defect does not make her beauty less beautiful. It can be said that Karina has possessed the beauty that every girl dreams of, so perfect that it can only be found in drawings from technology. 

Witnessing this series of female K-pop idols, fans will surely be startled by their beauty and goddess-like aura. From the facial features to the body, everything is perfect. No wonder many people think that the virtual influencer Rozy must also give up on these extreme “interfaces”.

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