The jaw-dropping combined assets of Lee Jong Suk and IU: Buy real estate in cash while still enjoying a luxurious lifestyle 

The combined assets are ground-breaking. 

IU is one of the most hardworking female artists in the Korean entertainment industry. As a result, up to now, the female singer owns a generous amount of wealth. Accordingly, IU’s net worth is estimated to be 45 million USD and is reported to be one of the most famous and richest singers in Korea, according to SCMP.

iu lee jong suk
Lee Jong Suk and IU are currently dating. (Image: Pinterest)
lee jong suk iu dating
The two were seen traveling in Japan for Christmas. (Image: Dispatch)
IU is one of the richest singers in Korea. (Image: Instagram @dlwlrma)

In addition, the singer also boasts a good reputation in business and real estate investment. In 2018, the “Nation’s Little Sister” bought a building worth 3.9 million USD in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province and a two-story house worth 2.5 million USD in the suburbs of Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province with a floor area of ​​194m2 in an estate of 562m2, all in the same year. 

IU house thumbnail
IU is a wealthy woman in the real estate world. (Image: Pinterest)
She owns a series of real estate that many people admire. (Image: allkpop)

On December 19th, 2022, TV show Entertainment Company Live revealed that IU had purchased more luxury apartments in the Eterno Cheongdam complex, in Gangnam, Seoul. The apartment was said to cost up to 13 billion won and was paid in cash. 

IU house
The newest apartment was bought by IU at the end of the previous year. (Image: KBS) 

Currently, IU is living in the 56-floor Raemian Caelitus apartment building that overlooks the Han River and is the tallest building in Yongsan district. The apartments inside the apartment complex cost around 2.6 to 3.3 million dollars. 

iu thumbnail
At the age of 29, IU is living a dream life. (Image: KBS)

Lee Jong Suk is a bright face in the film industry. He impressed the public through widely loved roles in drama series such as “Big Mouth”, “W: Two Worlds”, and “Pinocchio”. Boasting a handsome appearance, the actor is also active in advertising and modeling projects.

Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong Suk is a famous actor in the Korean entertainment industry. (Image: Pinterest)
lee jong suk 2022 mbc drama awards
The actor has a handsome appearance. (Image: Pinterest)
lee jong suk
Lee Jong Suk owns a variety of luxury cars. (image: Pinterest)

The actor’s net worth is at 50 million dollars. At the same time, he also owns a million-dollar real estate block in Korea and a 4.2-million-dollar mansion at Nine One Hannam, a high-end residence of many Korean stars.

lee jong suk
Lee Jong Suk is living in a luxury apartment. (Image: allkpop)
lee jong suk
The interior is extremely expensive. (Image: Allkpop)

In 2017, Lee Jong Suk opened a cafe called 89 Mansion in Seoul for 3.9 billion won with his own money. Despite the heavy expense, the actor still leads a luxury life by driving his luxury cars and wearing brand items.

lee jong suk
The scene in front of Lee Jong Suk’s cafe. (Image: Allkpop)
lee jong suk iu thumbnail
The public calls Lee Jong Suk and IU the “destined couple”. (Image: Allkpop)

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