The identity of the man who was misunderstood as “Go Hyun-jung’s boyfriend” 13 years ago

This actor became famous as “Go Hyun-jung’s man” after appearing in the movie “Actresses”.

“Actresses” tells the story that happens when actresses representing different generations from the 20s to the 60s take photo shoots for a fashion magazine.

Starring several top stars, including Youn Yuh-jung, Lee Mi-sook, Go Hyun-jung and Choi Ji-woo, the movie was released in 2009 and attracted 510,000 moviegoers.


After “Actresses”, which drew keen attention even before its official release because of the splendid cast lineup, premiered, other actors in the movie also became hot topics.

In the movie, the main character in her mid-20s played by Go Hyun-jung introduced her company’s rookie actor Emile (Yoo Teo) to the actresses. Although it was explained that the actor who played Emile lived in Germany, Choi Ji-woo and other actors kept asking questions of suspicion, such as “Is he her (Go Hyun-jung) boyfriend?”.

yoo teo

Yoo Teo, who mainly filmed short films and independent films in Germany and the U.S at that time, made his first movie debut in Korea through “Actresses”.

As soon as the “Actresses” was released, Yoo Teo began to draw attention under the title “Go Hyun-jung’s man” as he successfully showed off his extraordinary presence and performed perfect chemistry with Go Hyun-jung.

Since then, he continued to appear in numerous works, including movies “Leto”, “Vertigo”, tvN’s drama “Arthdal Chronicles”, JTBC’s “Chocolate”, tvN’s 2020 series “Money Game”, Netflix’s “The School Nurse Files”, etc.

Last year, he made his debut as a director with the film “Log in Belgium” and even published his first single album.

yoo teo

The daily life of Yoo Teo, who married photographer and director Nikki S. Lee in 2007, has been released through his wife’s SNS account. Nikki S. Lee recently posted about her vacation with her husband.

In addition, Yoo Teo is also communicating with fans by revealing moments at the filming sites on Instagram.

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