“The Good Bad Mother”: A Highly Anticipated Drama with Great Expectations from the Public

“The Good Bad Mother” will be broadcasted in April and has already attracted a lot of viewers who are eagerly anticipating it.

After the “The Glory” craze, Lee Do Hyun has become a sought-after actor. Riding on his success, he will soon reappear in the JTBC drama “The Good Bad Mother”. Starring alongside Lee Do Hyun this time is the veteran actress Ra Mi Ran, and the two will play a mother and son on a journey to rekindle their once-warm relationship that has gradually turned cold.

The Good Bad Mother

“The Good Bad Mother” revolves around the story of Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) – a single mom who lost her husband and raised her son Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun) alone. She owns a pig farm and struggles to make ends meet, raising her son in times when she is penniless. Wanting her son to have a better life than her, Young Soon turns herself into a strict “bad mother”, using tough love to raise Kang Ho.

As Young Soon hoped, Kang Ho grew up and became a famous prosecutor with a cold personality. He even abandoned his own mother. However, one day, Kang Ho has an accident and loses his memory, turning into a child in an adult’s body. He is forced to return to the pig farm. This is also the chance for them to be back together again. This time, with the desire to help her son recover, Young Soon becomes a “bad mother” once again.

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With the message “All mothers in this world are bad”, “The Good Bad Mother” promises to bring a touching story about the mother-child relationship. Through the posters released, the audience can clearly see the two sides of Kang Ho – before and after the accident. Meanwhile, Young Soon only has one expression.

Lee Do Hyun is already famous as a “rookie monster” thanks to his impressive acting skills, and this time he continues to have a unique role in his career. He plays both a cold, ruthless prosecutor and a naive, innocent “boy”. In addition, actress Ra Mi Ran is one of the best Korean actresses. After a series of successful films and dramas, her role in this drama cannot be difficult for such a seasoned actress. The audience is eagerly awaiting the combination of these two actors, representing two generations of the Korean screen industry.

The Good Bad Mother

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