“The Glory” Part 2 theories and ending prediction based on latest trailer

Netizens are coming up with various theories based on even the fleeting scenes in the special trailer for “The Glory” Part 2. 

On January 26th, on the review YouTube channel Minhoaurs, a video titled “Ultra-precise analysis that people who have only watched ‘The Glory’ Part 2 trailer once can never discover” was uploaded and quickly gained netizens’ attention, recording nearly a million views in less than 2 days. 

The Glory 2

Minhoaurs started the video by analyzing the scene where Moon Dong Eun’s mother (Park Ji Ah), who has dyed her hair orange, visits Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo).

It is suggested that Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) is going to make things difficult for Moon Dong Eun in Part 2 by bribing her mother with money, but as Moon Dong Eun put even her mother on the target of revenge, the situation will be sorted out in an instant.

The Glory 2

Minhoaurs then explained in detail about the amulet attached to the VIP personal safe of Park Yeon Jin’s mother (Yoon Da Kyung), a wealthy woman.

Minhoaurs said, “Korean shamanic amulets have a slightly different shape for each person who wears it, but they share a certain frame.

This is proof that what Park Yeon Jin’s mother is doing is through a collaboration of many people, including shaman and illegal police officer Shin Young Joon (Lee Hae Young).

The Glory 2

In the trailer, Lee Sara (Kim Hieora) appears with blonde hair. Minhoaurs theorized that Lee Sara’s bleaching her hair is to avoid drug substance detection. This is because bleaching removes even the micro drug components remaining in her hair.

Also, the mysterious man who falls from the place where Yoon So Hee (Lee So Yi) died is Jeon Jae Joon (Park Sung Hoon), so Minhoaurs speculated that it is Jeon Jae Joon who killed Yoon So Hee.

Minhoaurs said, “If you look at this scene by adjusting the brightness and processing it in black and white, you can see a silhouette with long legs, a long coat, and hair fluttering. I think it’s Yoon So Hee enjoying karma at the place where she died.

The Glory 2

Minhoaurs also mentioned the reason why Ha Do Yeong (Jung Sung Il) is angry at Park Yeon Jin. It’s because he saw a video of Park Yeon Jin and Jeon Jae Joon having sex.

Minhoaurs predicted, “If you zoom in on Ha Do Yeong’s eyes, you can see what looks like a rectangular monitor screen.

The Glory 2

Regarding the ending, Minhoaurs predicted that Park Yeon Jin will suffer from burns all over her body due to fire, and Moon Dong Eun will undergo plastic surgery by Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun) to live as Park Yeon Jin.

Minhoaurs believed that Moon Dong Eun, who shouted, “From today on, my dream is you, Park Yeon Jin,” will eventually win.

Source: Insight.

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