“The Glory” Park Sung Hoon “School violence is unforgivable”

Actor Park Sung Hoon expressed his thought that school violence is unforgivable.

In the video titled “Cast of The Glory discuss fans’ theories about Part 2“, which was released on March 4th, Jung Sung Il, Park Sung Hoon, Cha Joo Young, Kim Hieora, Kim Gun Woo of the drama “The Glory” appeared and had time to read and answer fans’ guesses.

Park Sung-hoon

Regarding the opinion “I hope Dong Eun doesn’t just forgive everyone in the end”, Park Sung Hoon said, “Then she wouldn’t have started it at all. I believe if she was going to forgive them, she wouldn’t have prepared her revenge for such a long time. Bullying shall never be forgiven.” Park Sung Hoon plays Jeon Jae Joon, a perpetrator of school violence, in “The Glory”.

Jung Sung Il

He continued, “But on the other hand, does an appropriate level of revenge even exist? If you’re hurt a 100, you can’t just take revenge for a 100. Then the revenge never ends.” He concluded with a joke, “Let’s say that Dong Eun took revenge, and Jae Joon and Yeon Jin both die. Then Ye Sol will grow up to take revenge on Dong Eun. Then Dong Eun’s child will take revenge on her again. Then we’ll need 120 more seasons.”

To viewers’ theory that “Ha Do Yeong might be sterile. So he might already know that Ye Sol isn’t his daughter. So he would take Yeon Jin’s side until the end”, Jung Sung Il shared, “He still raised Ye Sol. He wouldn’t possibly abandon her. He’d just accept it.”

Source: insight

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