“The Glory” Oh Ji Yul, “Moon Dong Eun’s spirit wrapped around Song Hye Kyo”

Oh Ji Yul, who was loved for her role as Ha Ye Sol in “The Glory”, conducted her first photo shoot.

10-year-old actress Oh Ji Yul had a photo shoot with the fashion magazine “Elle”. In an interview after the photo shoot, Oh Ji Yul expressed her feelings about being with “The Glory”. She talked about her first impression of the character in the script, “My words and actions are simple, but Ye Sol’s words seemed to contain a deep meaning that I didn’t know.


She said, “The thing that Ye Sol and I have in common is that we never get caught up in adults’ fights. I don’t want that.” She then sympathized with the work’s message of “Those who bully their friends are punished” and firmly added, “School violence can unfortunately change the life of a person like Moon Dong Eun. This is definitely a bad thing.


She also shared an anecdote about admiring Song Hye Kyo’s performance at the filming site of “The Glory”. She said, “It’s hard to explain properly, but it felt like Moon Dong Eun’s spirit escaped from the pink glass bottle and wrapped around Song Hye Kyo.


Oh Ji Yul, who said “I’m looking forward to my future“, was asked what kind of praise she liked as an actress. She replied, “Sometimes people around me tell me that I’m pretty. Sometimes they say I’m good at acting. I want to be a pretty and great actress.

Source: Nate

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