“The Glory” actress who revealed her romantic relationship before Lee Do Hyun – Lim Ji Yeon

Actress Oh Ji Yul, who appeared as actress Lim Ji Yeon’s daughter in Netflix’s “The Glory”, coolly admitted that she has a boyfriend.

In the “MZ interview” released on the YouTube channel “OBS ENT” on March 31st, Oh Ji Yul revealed that she has a boyfriend.

oh ji yul

She said, “We go to the same school and live in the same complex. I’ve been keeping an eye on him since I was in first grade. We live in the same complex, so we went home together after school. We were originally close. One day, I got up the courage to ask him, ‘Do you like me?’ Then he replied, ‘Yes.’ Both of us liked each other, but we couldn’t talk. After that, we started dating.”

As for the reason she fell in love with her boyfriend, she explained, “He has a cool personality. He’s handsome and good at sports. He attends a Taekwondo academy.”

At the same time, she sent a video letter to her boyfriend, saying, “Let’s continue to be close.”

Meanwhile, actors Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon, who starred in “The Glory”, officially admitted their romantic relationship on April 1st. Lim Ji Yeon’s agency Artist Company and Lee Do Hyun’s agency Yuehua Entertainment said, “The two are carefully getting to know each other with good feelings between close senior and junior. We would appreciate it if you could look at them with a warm gaze.”

Source: wikitree

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