The female leads of K-dramas that represent the four seasons: Son Ye Jin is leading an ideal life while Song Hye Kyo is getting worse? 

All female leads of the four seasons K-dramas “Spring Waltz”, “Summer Scent”, “Autumn In My Heart”, and “Winter Sonata” have since become top actresses in Korea. 

4 K-dramas that represent the four seasons have become a lasting memory in generations of K-drama fans all around the world. These 4, which include “Spring Waltz”, “Summer Scent”, “Autumn In My Heart”, and “Winter Sonata”, used to be massive hits on the Korean small screen and basically kick-started the Korean wave. Similarly, 4 actresses who used to star in them, also became huge stars. 

Song Hye Kyo 

The first star in the list is actress Song Hye Kyo, who starred as the sickly yet kind female lead Choi Eun Suh of “Autumn In My Heart”. Together with the leading actor Song Seung Hun, Song Hye Kyo delivered a beautiful yet tragic love story that, even now, remained legendary in Korea. 

Song Hye Kyo played the female lead Choi Eun Suh of “Autumn In My Heart”, who suffered from leukemia. 

It has been 20 years since this K-drama ended, and Song Hye Kyo has since become one of the most outstanding Korean actresses. After “Autumn In My Heart”, she starred in numerous other hits, including “Full House”, “That Winter, The Wind Blows”, and “Descendants Of The Sun”. 

However, throughout her career, the famous actress also stumbled into quite a lot of difficulties, including a tax evasion scandal and a divorce with fellow actor Song Joong Ki after only 2 years of marriage. 

song hye kyo
Song Hye Kyo once faced a serious tax evasion scandal, and divorced actor Song Joong Ki after only 2 years. 

Recently, Song Hye Kyo returned with the drama series “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, which unfortunately, performed rather poorly. Her acting in this newest work was also criticized by many netizens. 

song hye kyo
Song Hye Kyo’s latest work “Now, We Are Breaking Up” was not well-received. 

Choi Ji Woo

In 2002, “Winter Sonata” made headlines all across Asia. At the time, actress Choi Ji Woo played the female lead Yoo Jin, and delivered a tear-jerking romance with the male lead Kang Joon Sang, played by actor Bae Yong Joon. It was no exaggeration to say that “Winter Sonata” was the biggest K-drama of its time. 

Choi Ji-woo
Choi Ji Woo played the female lead of “Winter Sonata”

After “Winter Sonata”, Choi Ji Woo continued to hit it big with “Stairway To Heaven”, from which she earned the nickname “Korea’s queen of melodramas”. Now, the actress is enjoying an ideal life next to her husband and daughter, and occasionally appears on variety shows or as K-drama cameos. 

Choi Ji-woo
Choi Ji Woo now focuses mostly on her family, and mostly appears in K-dramas as cameos. 

Han Hyo Joo

There’s no word to describe Han Hyo Joo’s popularity while “Spring Waltz” aired, as the actress basically shot to stardom overnight. From a relatively unknown name, Han Hyo Joo became the talk of Asia after this iconic work. 

han hyo joo
Han Hyo Joo rose to stardom after “Spring Waltz”

In later years, Han Hye Koo continued to cement her position in the industry with roles in commercial successes like “Iljimae”, “The Beauty Inside”, “W: Two Worlds”, and most recently, “Happiness”. 

han hyo joo
Han Hye Joo starred in many other commercial successes after “Spring Waltz”

However, the actress’s career is not without struggle, as she was once almost canceled by the public back in 2014. At the time, Han Hyo Joo’s younger brother was said to have bullied a soldier to suicide when in the military, leading to the actress being drowned in criticism. As a result, she had to disappear for years, before making a rebound in 2016 with the success of “W: Two Worlds”. 

han hyo joo

As of the moment, Han Hyo Joo is well recognized for her acting abilities, having dedicated it all to the craft and constantly changing up her images. The actress is now a top-class name on both the large and small screen. 

Han Hyo Joo is now a top-class name on both the large and small screen. 

Son Ye Jin 

“Summer Scent” was among Son Ye Jin’s first works, and was remarkable enough to earn the actress the title of “nation’s first love”. At the time, Son Ye Jin’s fairy-like and innocent charms were the talk of town, making the actress madly popular in Korea. 

son ye jin
Son Ye Jin in “Summer Scent”. 

After the attention of “Summer Scent”, Son Ye Jin continued her acting legacy with notable works such as “Something In The Rain”, “Be With You”, and most recently, “Crash Landing On You”. 

In addition, Son Ye Jin is not only commercially successful, but also critically acclaimed, having received nominations and awards from all three most prestigious ceremonies in Korea, including the Blue Dragon Film Awards, the Grand Bell Awards, and the Baeksang Arts Awards. 

hyun bin son ye jin
Son Ye Jin has won at all the “big three” acting award ceremonies, including Blue Dragon, Grand Bell, and Baeksang. 

The actress’ personal life can also make many jealous, as her love story is both beautiful and admirable. After co-starring with famous actor Hyun Bin in the 2018 movie “The Negotiation” and the 2019 hit series “Crash Landing On You”, the couple started dating in real life, before tying the knot on March 31st, 2022. Fans and K-drama enjoyers all around the world were ecstatic at this news, and showered the now husband-and-wife in plenty of blessings. 

Son Ye-jin
Son Ye Jin leads an ideal life with a successful career and perfect love life. 
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