The current situation of a female singer who was cheated out of 1 billion won by her ex-manager

It was revealed that BLACKPINK Lisa once got scammed by her ex-manager.

On Jan 25th, BLACKPINK Lisa made headlines by uploading some photos on her Instagram. She was posing among the beautiful flowers in a tight black dress that exposed her back. Both Korean and overseas fans praised Lisa’s beautiful looks.

Lisa is not only famous for her Barbie-doll-like appearance, but she is receiving favorable reviews as a “singer who is faithful to her job”. Her dance and rap skills also contribute to her popularity.

It was reported that Lisa topped the solo singer category on Gaon Social Chart in the third week of 2021. Gaon Chart released the third week “Social Chart” rankings compiled from Jan 9th to Jan 15th. In the rankings, No.1~No.3 respectively belonged to BTS, BLACKPINK and Lisa. Lisa ranked highest among solo singers.

blackpink lisa

Lisa has truly established herself as a “trending artist”. As Lisa always draws attention, stories about her “personality” are also being discussed.

In the past, Lisa’s manager (hereinafter referred to as “A”) embezzled “Lisa’s activity settlement money”. It was said that the amount alone reached 1 billion won, making fans angry.

blackpink lisa

Lisa came from Thailand to become an idol and seemed to have relied on A in a remote country. A was criticized for taking advantage of the facts that “Lisa is a foreigner” and “Lisa believed in him”. However, Lisa reportedly asked for an amicable agreement as much as she trusted the manager.

Meanwhile, Lisa is currently showing various aspects as a solo singer representing Korea.


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