The contrasting fates of 2 Korean actresses who married into the Samsung family: treated like a servant vs happy marriage 

Marrying rich can sometimes become a total tragedy

Many women wish to marry rich, as it can give them wealth and change their life. However, the trade-off can be severe and extremely painful. 

For 2 Korean actresses, their experience in a rich household vastly differs. If one of them scored a loving husband and leads a happy life, the other was treated like a servant, and was separated from her children. Below is a summary of their life story. 

Go Hyun Jung

Go Hyun Jung became the runner up for Miss Korea in 1989, sweeping the nation off their feet with her gentle round face and bright smile. 

Quickly after winning such a title, Go Hyun Jung decided to join the entertainment industry, and aspired to change her life through various acting roles.

Thanks to her determination, the actress showed huge improvements over time, and received plenty of critical acclaim. However, right at the peak of her career, Go Hyun Jung announced her withdrawal from showbiz, as she was set to marry the grandson of the Samsung founder, and people expect her life to only flourish from there.  

Unfortunately, stepping into this rich household was the start of Go Hyun Jung’s most hellish days. In 2003, the actress announced her divorce, and unveiled her tragic life after the Samsung glamor. According to Go Hyun Jung, people in the family would use English during the gathering to exclude her, so she tried to learn the language, only for them to switch to French afterwards. In addition, Go Hyun Jung was treated like a maid throughout her marriage, and got ostracized even after she gave birth to a daughter and a son. 

To make things worse, her divorce came right after the birth of her 2nd child, and her husband did nothing to protect her. 

Instead, Go Hyun Jung’s in-law family gave her 1.5 billion won in compensation, took custody of her children, and banned her from ever seeing them.

Even as she re-joined the entertainment industry, Go Hyun Jung had a harsh time, as she was excluded from any commercial deal that’s related to the Samsung conglomerate. Now, the actress’ only purpose to appear on the screen is so that her children can see her from afar. 

Im Yoo Jin

Compared to Go Hyun Jung, Im Yoo Jin fell behind in terms of popularity. However, despite marrying the only son of a former Samsung Vice-President, Im Yoo Jin leads a happy family life. 

In particular, while he is a Samsung heir, Yoon Tae Young also used to promote as an actor, and once appeared in K-dramas like “Hotelier”, “Successful Story of a Bright Girl”, and “The Legend”. Therefore, he understands his wife better, and his romance with Im Yoo Jin blossoms regardless of malicious rumors and gossips about them, 

Im Yoo Jin and Yoon Tae Young eventually got married on Valentine’s day, February 14th, 2007. Their wedding was attended by over 4,000 businessmen and politicians, alongside various Korean artists, and was held at Shilla Hotel in Seoul. 

Notable guests in this wedding include the former mayor of Seoul, the former Minister of Finance Lee Hun Jai, vice-president of LG Electronics Kim Sang Soo, and more. Famous actors and actresses like Kim Rae Won, Kwon Gi Jun, Choi Min Soo, Park Soo Hong, Kang Ho Dong, Yoon Jung Soo, were also spotted at the event. 

15 years later, Im Yoo Jin has given birth to 3 children, and is now living an enviable life. Despite having to withdraw from the entertainment industry to focus on her family, Im Yoo Jin expressed that she never regretted her decision. 

It was partly due to her husbanđ that Im Yoo Jin’s fate vastly differs to that of Go Hyun Jung.

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