The close relationship between BTS and Yunho (DBSK)

The close relationship between BTS and Yunho (DBSK) surprised fans.

In the latest episode of I Live Alone, Yunho (DBSK) appeared as a special guest and shared his personal life.  The male idol drew attention when he showed a time box for the new year.  The male idol revealed that he made a time box before and will make another one every 10 years as his habit.

There are a lot of items kept by Yunho in his time box such as the music player, flip phone, and letters from friends who are famous artists.  All are memorable memories in the male idol’s life.  In particular, what surprised fans the most were the two letters from V and J-Hope (BTS) to Yunho when he enlisted.  Because they come from two different companies and have never had any interaction on stage or in real life, their close relationship surprised many people.  How did Yunho and BTS get to know each other?  How long have they known each other?

TS and Yunho (DBSK) relatioship

In the letter, the two BTS members expressed their affection and admiration for Yunho in particular and DBSK in general.  V even expressed his wish to have the opportunity to work with Yunho in the future.  After rereading the letters sent by the two juniors, Yunho laughed and said, “But now, you guys are top world stars.”

TS and Yunho (DBSK) relatioship
In the letter, J-Hope wrote: “Hello, this is BTS’s J-Hope. I heard you’re serving in the military. As your Gwangju ‘hoobae’, I’ve grown up looking up to you, and I still look up to you now.”
TS and Yunho (DBSK) relatioship
And V wrote: “We BTS always love DBSK, I hope BTS and TVXQ’s activities can overlap one day! BTS loves TVXQ.”.  The male idol even drew the avatar of the two groups, with the scene where BTS was “shouting”: “We love you”
TS and Yunho (DBSK) relatioship
TS and Yunho (DBSK) relatioship
Since they are the top stars, Yunho’s close relationship with the two BTS members makes fans excited and hopes to see the combined stage of the two groups in the future.

Sources: kenh14

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