The charm of Netflix’s upcoming series “Glitch” starring Jeon Yeo Been and Nana explained by the director and cast

Jeon Yeo Been and Nana join forces in the unusual series “Glitch”.

At 11 am KST on September 27th, a press conference for the Netflix series “Glitch” was held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Director Noh Deok, actors Jeon Yeo Been, and Nana attended and talked about the drama.


“Glitch” is a four-dimensional mystery drama in which Jihyo (Jeon Yeo Been) who sees aliens and Bora (Nana), who has been tracking aliens, team up and discover the whereabouts of Jihyo’s boyfriend who disappeared without a trace and approach the reality of an “unidentified” mystery. Director Roh Deok of “Very Ordinary Couple” and writer Jin Han Sae of “Extracurricular” collaborated in “Glitch”.

Director Roh Deok said, “It hasn’t hit me (that the series is coming out) yet. When it’s released and I can see how people react to it, I think I will feel a sense of it. I’m working on a drama for the first time with OTT service, so I’m looking forward to how it will be received.”


“Glitch” is a word that refers to a temporary malfunction or bug in the system. Regarding the title, Director Roh said, “On the surface, Jihyo seems to be living well without any problems, but in fact, there are concerns that only she knows about. ‘Glitch’ is a word that represents the story of Jihyo and Bora.”

She continued, “The series is a complex genre. It cannot be described as one specific genre. It can be seen primarily as a mystery, but it can also be considered a buddy genre with two main characters. There are many sci-fi and thriller elements, but the charm of this series is that it cannot be explained by a specific genre.”


Jeon Yeo Been, who plays Hong Jihyo, an alien eyewitness, said, “The script of ‘Glitch’ seems achromatic but at the same time very colorful. It has a complex genre that feels two-sided and multifaceted. There are not only multiple genres, but also various aspects felt in each character.”

Jeon Yeo Been then revealed two reasons why she decided to join “Glitch” were director Roh Deok and writer Jin Han Sae. She was impressed by their work in “Very Ordinary Couple” and “Extracurricular”. They seem completely different, so she was curious about the combination of the two. 


Nana, who played UFO Investigator YouTuber Heo Bora, said, “I was grateful that I could collaborate with Director Roh Deok and Director Jin Han Sae. I read the script in complete trust, and I felt a fresh and interesting feeling that I could handle this kind of material,” she said, revealing the reason why she decided to appear in “Glitch.” 

“I read the whole script in one sitting on the day I received the script. There are many different characters in it, and I felt that I wanted to try the adventure of each and going through it.” 


Nana is said to give a lot of opinions on her character’s outfit and tattoos. She shared, “Bora has a lot of tattoos on her body, and I wanted to give meaning to them. So I chose those words after a lot of thought. Also, Bora uses a lot of slang in “Glitch.” I thought it would be worthwhile to put the slang into the tattoo, so I also suggested such an opinion,” she said. 

How was the chemistry between two actresses who met each other for the first time through “Glitch”? First, Jeon Yeo Been talked about Nana, “Nana, who I met for the first time that day, perfectly embodied the Heo Bora I felt in the script. Seeing her in real life playing as Heo Bora, who is completely different from her real personality, I thought, ‘That person is really good at acting.’ As I admired her every moment and reflected on myself, my motivation revived. ‘Since this person is good, I want to do well too.’ I’ve been positively influenced by her,” she said, showing off their extraordinary chemistry.


Nana then responded, “I heard the rumor that Yeo Been is good at acting, so I highly expected our collaboration this time. There were many surprising moments when we were acting together on the spot. She has great concentration. Even when I was lacking and having a hard time, she kept me balanced and dragged me forward.”

“Thanks to her, I was able to follow well without any difficulties. I learned a lot. If I have another chance, I want to work with her again. I want to play a fighting role next time,” she said, drawing laughter.


Finally, director Roh said about the story she wants to tell through his work, “What is important in ‘Glitch’ is ‘belief’. It has been the keyword of this drama since the beginning of production. It is not about aliens or science fiction, but about the story and emotions that follow it,” he explained. “I think the question is whether the faith that makes up a person is more important than their existence. It’s important what I believe in and what I create with that belief,” she added. 

“Glitch” will be released on Netflix on October 7th.

Source: wikitree

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