“The charm comes from the armpits”, Red Velvet Joy’s unique confession

Red Velvet member Joy, who is in a public relationship, shows easy-goingness and confidence in her armpits. 

It is impossible to leave out Red Velvet when it comes to the top Kpop girl groups of the 3rd generation. 

red velvet genie music award 2022

As a member of Red Velvet, Joy is gaining recognition in both the music and acting fields, and her neat beauty and bright personality has been the talk of town. 

Loved by entertainment programs for her candid charm, Joy once again proved her refreshing personality and confidence in her armpits.

red velvet joy The ReVe Festival

In the past, Joy appeared the entertainment show “MMTG – Civilization Express”, and made an unconventional remark, saying, “If you raise your armpits, the picture will come out much better.”

She also made people laugh by emphasizing, “The charm comes from the armpits. Pheromone.”

REd Velvet Joy Genie Music Awards 2022

And it seems that the female idol is in fact confident in her armpits. In several photos of herself, Joy can be seen wearing a sleeveless shirt and posing with her arms raised. She even cited the act of unknowingly exposing her armpits and tying her hair as one of the ways to appeal herself. 

joy crush thumbnail

On the other hand, Joy is in a public relationship with rapper Crush

In a video posted on Red Velvet’s official YouTube channel on November 10th, Joy’s cell phone screen was captured on camera, and her wallpaper image was presumed to be Crush’s dog Duyu (Soymilk). 

red velvet joy crush wallpaper

Crush released his first single “Red Dress” in 2012 and officially debuted with “Sometimes” in 2014. He has since gained great popularity through hits like “Just”, “Beautiful”, “Don’t Forget”, “Bittersweet”, and “Sleepless Night”. 

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