The agency even gave up on this female idol, how is she doing?

Singer and actress Jung Eun Ji debuted as Apink’s main vocalist in 2011 with the concept of an innocent female idol.

Apink‘s main vocalist Jung Eun Ji, who debuted in 2011 with the innocent concept. To follow that concept, the agency worked hard on image management, including strict diet management, for Jung Eun Ji.

However, soon, the agency gave up on maintaining Jung Eun Ji’s image as an innocent idol.

This happened after Jung Eun Ji starred as the female lead of “Reply 1997,” Sung Si Won. Her refreshing Busan dialect and rough way of talking were far from the image that her company has built for her.

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In fact, Jung Eun Ji’s real fandom only began to grow after she threw away her image as an innocent idol. There were many fans who fell in love with her easy-going charm, both on and off the screen.

However, Jung Eun Ji soon met another character that her agency couldn’t undo. And it was Kang Ji Gu from “Work Later, Drink Now.”

Kang Ji Koo used swear words that wouldn’t have been used if it wasn’t an OTT drama. It was as if Sung Si Won of “Reply 1997” grew to her 30s and jumped to the modern days. This character once again excited Jung Eun Ji’s fandom.

In “Work Later, Drink Now,” which recently finished season 2, Kang Ji Gu has a love line, which was not in season 1. Viewers are all looking forward to how Jung Eun Ji’s charm, which her agency could not lock up with a “pure and innocent” concept, will grow in the future.

Source: Living Movie

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