The actress behind “The Glory” villain is full of innocent and first love vibes in real life 

Shin Ye Eun, who plays the young version of “The Glory” villain Park Yeon Jin, is gaining huge attention for her visuals. 

In the recently-released Netflix series “The Glory”, actress Shin Ye Eun assumes the role of the younger main antagonist Park Yeon Jin.  

Despite barely having any screen time, it was enough for the actress to make a deep impression on the audience. Her cruel expression as she stares at female lead Moon Dong Eun’s desperation and hopelessness was extremely intimidating and crazed, leaving viewers intimidated. 

Full of innocent vibes yet villainous in “The Glory” 

The haunting smile of Shin Ye Eun in “The Glory”

Contrary to her haunting appearance in “The Glory”, Shin Ye Eun is actually full of “first love” vibes in her other projects. So far, the actress has starred in a total of 5 TV dramas and 6 web-dramas, most of which are rom-coms and melodramas. As a result, she gained the nickname of “youthful goddess”. 

Shin Ye Eun
Shin Ye Eun as a high school student in the web-drama “A-Teen” 

In 2017, the actress appeared on the cover of magazine College Tomorrow 840. She would then make her acting debut in the hit web-drama “A-Teen”, playing a leading role in the 1st season and supporting role in the 2nd. 

Shin Ye Eun
Shin Ye Eun in “He Is Psychometric” 

In 2019, the actress nailed her first leading role in the TV drama with “He is Psychometric”, and in 2020, she appeared alongside Kim Myung Soo and Seo Ji Hoon in “Welcome”. However, despite its interesting plot revolving around a male lead who can turn into a cat, the series was not too successful, which recorded an average viewership rating of only 1.7%. 

Shin Ye Eun
Despite its intriguing plot, “Welcome” failed to be a commercial success 

In 2021, Shin Ye Eun transformed into the female lead of “More Than Friends”, where she worked with Ong Seong Wu and Kim Dong Jun. Unfortunately, this project also failed to gain attention, with viewership ratings lingering around the 1% mark. 

Shin Ye Eun
Shin Ye Eun in “More Than Friends” 

Boasting both beauty and talent, yet Shin Ye Eun’s dramas never gain their rightfully deserved success, to the point she was even dubbed a “rating poison”. It was until the web-drama “Revenge of Others”, which became viral on SNS, did the actress finally manage to turn the situation around, 

Shin Ye Eun
“Revenge of Others” became viral on SNS 

Alongside acting, Shin Ye Eun also worked as the MC for “Music Bank” from episode 986 to 1037, and hosted the 2020 KBS Song Festival. She also appeared in the MV for Day6’s “Shoot Me” and Brown Eyed Soul’s “Right” (ft. SOLE). 

Fresh and cute visuals in real life with various magazine appearances 

Despite not yet becoming a huge star in the Korean entertainment industry, Shin Ye Eun still scored various magazine appearances with her sweet and fresh beauty. In particular, she has become the cover girl for famous fashion magazines such as Dazed, Marie Claire, and Star 1. 

Shin Ye Eun
Shin Ye Eun on Grazia 
Shin Ye Eun
Shin Ye Eun on Star 1
Shin Ye Eun
The actress also appeared on Marie Claire
Shin Ye Eun
Her pictorial for Daze 

On her Instagram account, which is followed by over 2 million users, Shin Ye Eun often shares behind the scenes photos of memorable moments while filming or of her daily life. 

The actress often shows cute express 
shin ye eun thumbnail
Even without fancy makeup, Shin Ye Eun’s appearance is still astounding 
The actress constantly sway the hearts of her fans through her Instagram updates 

On the other hand, the first season of revenge series “The Glory”, which features Shin Ye Eun, has been released on streaming platform Netflix.

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