The 3 brand ambassadors at Dior Fashion Show: Jisoo, Suzy, and Kim Yuna go head to head. 

The 3 ambassadors of luxury brand Dior, including BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Suzy, and the ice-skater Kim Yuna, captivated hearts at a new fashion show. 

On April 30 (KST), Dior’s new fashion show in Korea officially occurred with a guestlist full of stars. Among all of them, the three ambassadors for Dior, including Jisoo, Suzy, and Kim Yuna attracted the most attention.


Jisoo went through an entire transformation in this newest appearance. The famous idol showed up in a flared lace gown that exuded mature lady vibes, along with a mini-sized Dior Lady handbag. 


Dior seemed to have finally listened to the wishes of fans and switched up Jisoo’s makeup and hairstyle. The wavy hair and red lipstick really highlighted Jisoo’s beauty. 


It has been a while since the public last saw Suzy in a fashion show, and the idol-actress did not disappoint. With beige as the center of her outfit palette, Suzy was dressed up in a sophisticated and unique look. 

The idol-actress wore a trench coat mixed with a ton sur ton pleated long skirt and corset. The newly-named house ambassador was shining like a formal business lady with hair in a neat bun and natural makeup style. 

Kim Yuna

Kim Yuna went all out with her Dior fit, looking luxurious, feminine, yet youthful in her floral costume. The former athlete mixed a light purple floral blouse with a long green pleated skirt – making for a chic yet eye-catching look. She put her hair in a low ponytail and bow, as well as wore large silver earrings that matched with her handbag.       


Next to each other, the three Dior ambassadors each shined in their own ways. With their different attires, Jisoo, Suzy, and Kim Yuna, all brought their own colors to the show. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Kim Yuna is literally Human Dior. Suzy dressed simply yet still looks super gorgeous. Jisoo’s outfit is way better than everything she wore in the US.
  • Jisoo in Korea is the best Jisoo! Her wavy hair and red lipstick really stands out. 
  • Jisoo’s outfit is the most complexed among the three
  • I really like Suzy’s elegance and Yuna’s chicness. Jisoo normally looks really luxurious but this black gown is just too heavy to the eye. 
  • How is Jisoo so perfect… even in those zoomed-in photos I can’t find any flaws
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